Traditional music, dance and poetry: the geisha represents traditional values that the Japanese held to them dearly.
Tea ceremonies and intelligent conversation: one part of a geisha's job was to appeal to nobleman and warriors with intelligent conversation and etiquette.
Geishas have become a popular symbol in the West due to appearances in popular movies such as Sayonara, novels like Memoirs of a Geisha, and art forms like manga and anime.
Fertility: red is a popular color for a geisha, and they believe that wearing red undergarments will bring fertility. Asian-themed tattoos are very popular, and it's no surprise that we find the geisha perfect for tattoos. However, those willing to be more daring may want to take their own spin on a geisha by having a zombie or ghost geisha for a tattoo. Tattoos invite alot of attention and anyone who has a visible tattoo knows that strangers aren't shy about asking what the meaning behind the tattoo is. The ability of the octopus to regenerate lost limbs: many people are surprised to learn that an octopus will regrow one or more of its limbs if they are lost in an attack or accident. Animal totem: shamans have taught the concept of the power animal for thousands of years, and today there is a resurgence of interest in drawing energetic support from one's own personal totem. Cartoon(esque): the octopus in cartoons is often portrayed with large bulging eyes, enormous tentacles and magical bright purple or lavender bodies.
Realistic: realistic octopus tattoos can be very cool, but require a lot of skill from your tattoo artist, so make sure you find the best one available.
The anatomy of an octopus, with it's flexible traveling limbs, lends itself to the creation of a large tattoo and a non-classic placement. You can start the tattoo at your lower back and allow tentacles to wrap around your hips and migrate up your spine.

You can place the octopus on your shoulder and allow it's legs to wrap across your chest and down one of your arms. If you'd like to place the octopus on your leg, think about starting with the body on one of your feet and letting each of the eight tentacles travel up the leg. The back, chest, legs and shoulders are the most popular spots for a larger octopus design.
Nice locations for smaller octopus tattoos include the nape of your neck, foot, ankle, hip, wrist, and around the bellybutton. The most popular tattoo spots for girls and woman are the lower back, wrists, shoulders, chest and feet. You have come to the right place to find your tattoo through the world's official largest tattoo collection.Japanese tattoo art covers a wide range of art styles and media, including ancient pottery, sculpture in wood and bronze, ink painting on silk and paper, and a myriad of other types of works of art. The porcelain face, black wig with accessories, and beautiful kimono bring an aura of mystery to a geisha.
A true geisha is a learned women in position of power and embodies proper etiquette and entertainment skills. A geisha needs to perfect their talents, learning the art of conversation, and be a strong female leader. With exquisite colors and patterns, a geisha tattoo can be sensual, mysterious, beautiful, and exotic.
Make sure you find a talented tattoo artist because geisha tattoos are not the easiest kind of design: there are many details and it's hard to get the face right.
It's easy to identify with the idea of regrowing lost limbs and moving forward with life, so an octopus can be especially meaningful for those of us who went through a difficult phase in life or survived a traumatic event.
The number eight, or infinity symbol, has been revered by mystics and cultures for thousands of years.

Many people feel a special affinity for a certain animal and consider it to be their personal totem based on their feelings about it.
A blue-ringed octopus design is popular in this style, as well as Asian (Japanese) styled designs. The bellybutton is an especially fun location for this type of tattoo because the tentacles can expand in eight different directions while the navel serves as the central body of the animal. The most popular tattoo designs for women include butterfly, tribal, star, flower, and fairy tattoos. The misunderstanding came from Japanese prostitutes who dressed as geisha to appeal to American soldiers in World War II. Women as well as men can wear a geisha tattoo, although it is a very feminine kind of design.
Animals that physically embody the number eight, such as the octopus, may also be considered sacred. If you feel that the octopus is your power animal, a tattoo can be a wonderful way to maintain a feeling of connection with that animal's spirit and energy. Vintage comic books or old school designs can be a good source of inspiration for these kind of designs. Since the stencil stays uniform throughout its use, it is easier for an artist to quickly replicate what could be a complicated piece at a very quick rate, when compared to other conventional tattooing methods.

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