Hebrew is one of the longest continuously recorded languages thathas survived to the modern day.
Meanwhile, another Phoenician-derived script, Aramaic, was quickly becoming theinternational trade language in the ancient Middle East. One note about the previous chart is that the purple letters are Roman-based transliteration of Hebrew letters, and somewhat based on phonetic transcription. The Hebrew alphabet as it is adopted from Phoenician actually doesn't reproduce all the sounds in the Hebrew language, so some letters represent multiple sounds. Like all Proto-Sinaitic-derived scripts, vowels are not written in either Old Hebrew nor Jewish scripts. BIBLICAL HEBREW HOME STUDY EDITION in full color -- the newest tool for learning and practicing Biblical Hebrew - get 2 different books in one package! Finally, an eye opener Biblical Hebrew home tutorial that is geared at students who are looking for a study tool that is right to the point, simple to use and friendly.

It first appeared around the late 11thor early 10th century BCE in the form of the Gezer calendar. Consequently, by the 6th century BCE, the Hebrews started writing in Aramaic for every day use and confined the Old Hebrew script for religious use (and the occasional inscription on coins). However, it became increasingly important to record the vowels when Aramaic became more popular as the spoken language rather than Hebrew. While thescript on this inscription is called Old Hebrew, it is barely discerniblefrom Phoenician from where it originated. The Aramaic script adopted by the Hebrews quickly became known as the Jewish script, and because of the shape of its letters it also became known as ketab merubba`,or "square script". To differentiate between the variations, a dot called dagesh is placed inside to indicate the stop ([b], [p], [k]) version of the letter. However, matres lectionis was not a complete system, and by the 9th century CE the practice of adding dots and lines, called nikkudim, above or below a letter to indicate a vowel came into being.

With these charts, supported by actual teachings on the enclosed audio CD, you'll feel that you actually have a private tutor to support you! This is known as the "Tiberian" system, named after the city of Tiberias in Palestine, and joined matres lectionis as part of the Hebrew writing system. Furthermore, with Biblical Hebrew Essentials, your tutoring does not end when you are done studying the charts! Users who order this set now, are entitled to a 6-months free membership in the Biblical Hebrew Club.

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