As an adversary of Batman, he is a psychopathic supervillain who is known for his ruthlessness and a sadistic sense of humor. The Joker is also said to be one of the best comic book villains of all time by several sources.
Joker tattoos are very much the rage nowadays, especially after the character has been immortalized by Heath Ledger in the movie “The Dark Knight”. The jester has an evil face with a long drawn, crooked nose and the image can be quite scary. The joke can represent the wild side of life or a personality that is not afraid to take risks.

Joker tattoos can be done in a number of ways, thereby allowing one to experiment with the design greatly. Any character can be represented by the joker costume with its wild hat with bells on the ends of the extensions. Some of the well known ones include the Joker holding the Joker card; Joker presenting dices or the Joker portrayed as a skull or demon. When choosing your joker tattoo check to make sure that the color of the tattoo goes with the color of your skin. If you are a dark skinned person you might want to give a tattoo that is more vibrant like bright colors with a darker outline.

And to make it more personal make sure the joker tattoo says something about your personality as well.

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