If you feel that a Tattoo Artist is forgotten and should be represented in this list, please send an email with the name of the artist and web or facebook links to the artists work. We have posted many works from Jun Cha in the past and they are always met with great enthusiasm and interaction.
Jose Lopez is one of the greatest tattooers in the world and someone that Jun Cha has sighted as one of his biggest teachers and influences.
All content is Copyright 2016 Action Recon and cannot be reproduced without prior written permission. World renowned for his awe-inspiring black-and-gray tattoo work, LA-based tattooist Jun Cha and members of the Lowrider Tattoo family (lead by the legendary Jose Lopez), recently completed a successful pop-up studio campaign in London, one of many trips to the UK in recent years.

Cha and Lopez, accompanied by artists Noah Minuskin and Miguel Ochoa, booked back to back appointments, working diligently to amass and complete dozens of combined work. Jun Cha, along with Jose Lopez, will be announcing upcoming pop-studios around the world including a 2013 run in Paris. You can find more information about this artist on his personal websites, which are listed here. The camp sent over this photo wrap-up of their time spent there, which culminated in a slew of tattoo work. Jun Cha’s work is inspiring in that it shows what can be accomplished when a person gives themselves 100% to their craft.

It is incredible to compare his tattoos to original pieces of art and see an almost literal translation onto skin. Enjoy the galleries below and please follow the link at the end of the article for booking information.

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