Kat Von D has launched a concealer with Sephora that promises to hide tattoos, imperfections, and dark circles. I heard that mixing clown makeup with your own foundation was the best way to completely cover a tattoo because clown makeup is thicker than most foundation. The Matte Foundation from Bare Minerals has SPF that will protect your skin and while it does even your skin tone it also improves your skin after regular use.
If a matte finish for oily to combination skin is what you’re looking for, Liquid Clarins may be a good foundation for you.
This foundation really evens and corrects, it is long wearing and can even be lightweight and smooth.
Hydrates where necessary without stimulating the oil glands, this moisturizing tint completely mattifies the skin leaving a luminescent complexion.
The D Lock-It foundation works wonders on people with very oily skin due to the polymers in the makeup that allow the oils to be absorbed.
It has been indicated by reviewers that this foundation appears cakey, uneven and blotchy when built up, which is hard to do, yet is not enough coverage with one layer. If you’re looking for medium to full coverage that is buildable this may be the right foundation for you.
With oily skin comes the constant appearance of pores, but with the MAC Studio Fix that provides a medium and even coverage, size of pores undeniably diminish. Great lightweight coverge that lasts throughout the day, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup is active in balancing oils on the face. The Perfect Refining Foundation has a great streak for steady coverage for acne prone skin. This Stila Foundation can truly moisturize and nourish the skin while promoting good blood flow through the pores.
The Kat Von D by Sephora Tattoo Concealer is the perfect solution for all of those important dates from weddings to job interviews; your tattoos should be the last of your worries! We know how hard it can be to always have your guard up when it comes to the combat against oily skin. Like all Bare Minerals products the makeup is oil and wax free, making it a good alternative for oily skin, or any skin type, for that matter.

It’s ideal for oily and acne prone skin because of the gel application with a matte finish. Reviewers have said this foundation is good at concealing blemishes for hours on end, around 10 hours, actually.
The Even Better Makeup fares better with oily skin — for those of us with dry skin, or even drier patches, the makeup may appear uneven. The look it produces is absolutely comparable to porcelain and comes in 12 different shades.
The Matte Moisture Tint controls shine all day and provides a medium coverage leaving the skin looking flawless. This foundation is not resistant to water and behaves especially poorly with dry skin and it has been reported by users that it may even look unnatural. The SPF is a great feature of this makeup, the only downside are the breakouts some reviewers experienced. This foundation treats and prevents blemishes, with the salicylic acid, which is a major need for those of us with oily skin.
It is fairly fluid and produces a light and velvety look, yet manages to do an amazing job in terms of coverage.
The creamy formula also prevents premature aging but can feel heavy on the skin for some users.
The battle is ongoing and it may, at times, seem like there’s not much hope on your side.
For those of us with excessively oily skin, there may be a need to reapply after a couple hours as the makeup may wear.
This makeup provides medium coverage and does not oxidize throughout the course of the day, providing a smooth finish with no shine. This foundation manages to hydrate the face while controlling the oily areas that need the extra support, leaving skin to look radiant and glowing all day long. The Jouer does a great job in not flattening or dulling the face, so if you’re looking for a uniform, silky look and the SPF is definitely a plus! The foundation will likely not work as well on those of us who have dry skin, or dry skin spots, since it may take on a fake appearance.

The oil free supreme foundation appears to cause shine and is not long lasting but it does have Vitamin E and A along with green tea leaf extracts that hydrate the skin. This foundation also performs well with dry skin because it does not cling on to those dehydrated areas. This is why it’s extremely essential to do a deep cleansing at the end of the day if you do decide that the Studio Fix Fluid is right for you.
This foundation is susceptible to becoming oily on the skin, leaving a satin finish right after applying.
This oil- and paraben-free, long-wearing formula makes blemishes, dark circles, tattoos, and imperfections disappear. One user with rosacea reported that this foundation completely concealed the pink area on her face. You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. Reviewers indicated a want in diversity of color since it ranges among 20 different shades. On the plus side, there are 26 different shades, so this may be a good option for those of us who don’t deal with blemishes, excess oil or dry patches. The more tutorials you suggest, the more likely we are to do posts like that in the future. Kat says, “If you wanna hide a tattoo just for one day, the proper concealer can make that happen! It also includes sericite which enhances the radiance of your skin by spreading light across the face. Check out all of our DIY makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, hair tips, wedding ideas, and so much more!
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