Among the distinctive tattoo designs, one of the most attractive design in demand is the key tattoo. Key tattoos are not only one of the most attractive tattoos designs in the world, they are also capable of carrying deep symbolic value which generally differs from one individual to another sporting the tattoo.
The key featured in these tattoos can represent anything including the key to knowledge, the key to success and the key to the wearer’s heart. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Egyptian culture is maybe the most ancient and most mystical one that still has so many mysteries and hidden stories.
Snake tattoo like other animal tattoos has special meaning and due to its mystic allure it is very popular today. Sun is the symbol that was worshiped in many cultures and that’s why it has many interpretations.
In the collection of modern tattoos for women phoenix tattoo is one of the cutest one that has great emotional impact. Let’s get back to symbols, particularly yin yang symbol that is may be the most popular symbol with a very special meaning.
Matching tattoo is a very popular trend among couples who have decided to get unique symbol of their love or friendship. Couples often choose style of tattoos that can be divided into two parts and only when they are side by side tattoo becomes complete. If you have chosen a quote you can again divide it into two parts and again the meaning will be complete when you are together.
Getting tattoo on arms, shoulders, back, feet and stomach is common even tattoos on inner part of lip are common but what do you think about tattoo on face? We live in the era of crazy things and we have already got used to extraordinary and mind blowing images. Tattoos featuring a lock and key can stand for freedom while they may also symbolize some valuable possession that the wearer wants to protect. It took an hour and half and was done by Kouri Montana of Montana studios on Bath, Somerset, Uk. Symbols are indispensable part of Egyptian culture; they have come to us with manuscripts and today they are may be the most popular symbols in tattoo designs.
Nile was considered the major lifeline of the Egyptian civilization and that’s why The Ankh can also symbolize Nile.

Contradicting interpretations about snake tattoo make it even more popular that’s it will be wise to consider those unique snake tattoos before you decide what tattoo you would like to get.
Women find something mysterious about getting such symbols and that’s why all of them are included in 2014 tattoo trends. All of them have thousand year history and surely it is very important to know the story of a tattoo or a symbol before getting it. Beautiful composition can tell a lot about the wearer so once you have decided to get a tattoo think twice what you really want to tell with your tattoo. Design of matching tattoo should be unisex; I mean it should be suitable for both girls and boys. There is a belief that once you have got a tattoo you will never stop and that’s why we have stopped stared at people with completely tattooed body. Lock and key has very long and interesting story so if you have decided to get such a unique tattoo you should know its meaning.
I am talking about tiny pictures but there are also color tattoos that will definitely attract attention. Key tattoo styles are designed alone or designed with a spread of various components and symbols. Another interpretation of these tattoo designs involves the desire to keep one’s loved ones protected in their memories. Key tattoos can be sported alone or they can be combined with various other elements and symbols. You will have a chance to become the part of this art and all you have to do is to be brave enough to get regular tattoo. The idea as well as designs are much changed still the philosophy of tattoo will always remain. If you want to get unique tattoo with special meaning, try to find more information about every hieroglyph you are going to get. We will surely consider them all but at this time I want to show you several amazing examples of new sun tattoos for women. Superstition or not, but tattoo has great influence on the wearer’s destiny and future. Thanks to the greatest versatility of tattoo designs it will not be difficult to find something cool and meaningful. Tattoo on face can radically change your life (more often to the worst) and that’s why it is not so popular like other types of tattoos.

Besides of direct meaning lock and key are represented with metaphorical meaning; lock symbolizes woman, while key is a symbol of man.
This is a short list of the best tattoo designs for 2014 and a short guideline for those who are getting first tattoo. Still I think that we should consider those crazy tattoos on face and maybe we will find out the reasons why people do such crazy things.
Lock and key when matching each other is interpreted as a perfect couple that can do magic.
I cannot say why people go for such crazy things like tattoo or piercing on the most weird parts of body but they should be definitely considered (just for the chronicle).
This symbol shows the connection of two completely opposite things (it can be anything like man and woman, life and death). Key tattoos can be designed alone or they can be placed with alternative symbols and components depending on the customer choice.
These key tattoos look fabulous when it is tattooed on wrist or waist however choice is all yours. Hence key tattoos are used to convey a broad range of symbolic meanings such as mystery, freedom, a sense of purpose, imagination, possibility, opportunity, imprisonment, responsibility, capability, fantasy, secretiveness, security, ownership and the unknown. One distinct feature about the Key tattoo is that the lock isn’t designed with the key. Among different tattoo designs, key tattoo designs are also popular for its unique feature.
While one may choose to wear only a single key as a tattoo, a lock and key design is also equally popular.
Other symbols such as stars, ribbons, hearts and chains can also be incorporated in a key tattoo design. A very popular design is one where the key is drawn as a part of a bracelet, anklet or a necklace.

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