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Lock and key consists of two different pictures; therefore it can be placed on different parts of body for maximum impact. More complex style of tattoo pictures lock and key together with other details like heart, skull, flower (mainly rose as a symbol of love) and etc. The heart tattoos depicted in this site vary greatly in their style and can go well with almost any look.
Keys and locks are very fascinating symbols that are featured very often in different genres of tattoo designs. Lock and key tattoos are made very elegantly with the lock being a heart shape and then it is filled in with color.
As you can see, there are a ton of different design options when it comes to lock and key tattoos.
Most of these r really neat…I wanted to get somethan similar but I want a heart broken into three pieces w three. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Key and Lock Tattoos – Key and lock tattoos are unique in their meaning and very mysterious. Piano key tattoos – Piano key tattoos are popular with musicians especially if they play the keyboard or piano.  However using piano keys in a tattoo is also appropriate for a person who may want to show a grouping of instruments to represent their membership and ability to play in a group. Computer key tattoos – Computer key tattoos are a fabulous new category emerging in the tattoo world and the possibilities are endless.  Using these key tattoos in very clever ways provides an opportunity for a unique piece of body art. Key tattoos are not only one of the most attractive tattoos designs in the world, they are also capable of carrying deep symbolic value which generally differs from one individual to another sporting the tattoo. The key featured in these tattoos can represent anything including the key to knowledge, the key to success and the key to the wearer’s heart.

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Lock and key has very long and interesting story so if you have decided to get such a unique tattoo you should know its meaning.
From the very beginning of mankind’s existence it has been in one’s blood to safeguard his or her personal property, be it spiritual, family-oriented, material possessions, etc.
The key that comes along is a very pretty one that typically features a skull or a diamond that is studded on the top of it. We hope that this list has inspired you to come up with a lock and key tattoo design of your own.
I just hope people having these couple tattoos will last forever as they are engraving their sign of love into their skin.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This key has been around for about three thousand years.  It’s used in tattoos because of the range of classic simplicity to elegant, ornate, beauty.
A viewer of your body art may wonder what is so valuable one must keep it under lock and key.
For instance, commands that require multiple keys, such as control, alt, delete, for rebooting has been seen and the meaning is obvious.
Large ornate skeleton key tattoos placed on the upper back could be stunning.  On the other hand, tiny skeleton key tattoos are commonly seen in hidden places, like behind an ear. Tattoos featuring a lock and key can stand for freedom while they may also symbolize some valuable possession that the wearer wants to protect. Besides of direct meaning lock and key are represented with metaphorical meaning; lock symbolizes woman, while key is a symbol of man. There are some tattoos that show multiple keys to a lock and the keys are hanging from a ribbon that is located on the lock.

Most often the key to my heart tattoos will represent meanings such as; the love you share for someone or only they can unlock your heart. Another interpretation of these tattoo designs involves the desire to keep one’s loved ones protected in their memories.
Lock and key when matching each other is interpreted as a perfect couple that can do magic.
A popular tattoo design is of a heart with a keyhole, symbolizing the search for the one true love that has the key to unlock the heart.
Therefore, if you’re going to get a lock and key tattoo, you should make sure that the tattoo is custom and unique to you.
Some ideas for these tattoos include: a heart with a chain draped around it with a skeleton key under the heart with your significant other’s name inked in the key. If you bring some key lime pie to your tattoo artist, I’m sure they’d more than glad to discuss placement with you.
Some of the more frequently observed heart tattoos are hearts with arrows, pierced hearts, the Sacred Heart and heart with wings. Their unique looking designs and craftsmanship can’t be found in modern looking keys and locks. Although each heart variation is characterized by the presence of specific symbols, colors and elements, these are not rigid, and can be combined in any way one wants. Additionally, you can add things like, torn ribbons, roses, or even thorns to these key tattoos. Heart tattoos can also come with many other symbols, like birds, butterflies, flowers, barbed wires, stars and flames.

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