There are more than 10 types of ear piercing, each on distinct part of ear and each one can look great!,Since piercing is so popular and rather vintage way of decorating your body there are many ways to adorn some part of your body. In helix Piercing the cartilage or the upper ear is punctured so that an earring can be placed. Anti-Helix Piercing is carried out on the cartilage inside the ear rim which is basically a vertical fold. It is the simplest and most popular form of ear piercing where the lobe at the bottom of the ear is perforated and jewelry is fixed in.The lobe is considered as the softest and the biggest part of the ear. Earlobe piercings that feature bigger diameter gems or piercings big enough to look through are new and unique.
Conch piercing is for you if you are an experienced professional.There are two of conch piercing 1)Inner conch piercing 2)Outer conch piercing. Daith piercing occurs in the inner ear cartilage that is located just above the ear canal opening. Tragus is a piercing located in the small protuberance of cartilae just outside of ear canal.Interesting part about tragus it that some people  experience loud popping sound while piercing it.
This piercing enters and exits on the same part of the ear and it is made with two piercing holes on that paro of the ear.

Rook piercing is known as one of the most painful and difficult to perform ear piercing.This is a puncture done at the ear’s antihelix.
The ear’s lobe can actually accommodate as much as three piercings because of its size.It is also regarded the least painful of all as there is no cartilage involved and the number of nerve endings are less in comparison with other parts of the ear.
It is done with two holes in your ear which are later conected with one piece of jewlery. In case of a vertical scaffold, the holes are carved in a vertical direction comparatively, and a similar long jewelry item is worn. When doing the inner conch piercing it is important that you use a big gauge piercing needle and put a barbell ear accessory as well. This inner ear cartilage is perforated to give way to thin wired jewelry.Using a curved needle, the daith piercing is performed. It doesn’t have anyhing to do with any damage or anything similar, it is because tragus is close to your ear drum, so you hear needle penetrating skin.It makes problems with hearing music so its recommended not to use earbuds while its completely healed.
It is placed on the raised fold of cartilage, right outside of your ear.  Anti tragus piercing is rare to find, and is mostly sported by the adventurous ones who have a genuine love for ear piercings.
It is actually considered as one of the most painful ear piercings since the needle would pass in different cartilage tissues of the ear.
Piercing is round us for thousand of years and a piercing is usually utilised for adorning your body.Generally, the piercings are of smaller width just to let a thin metal cable pass through, but there are practices of dermal hitting and passing of broad objects through the pierced ears, known to the world.

Curved ball bearing jewelry or circular rings often adorn the Anti-Helix Piercing. Aside from that, a micro-jewelry can only be used as well. The process involves stretching of healed lobe piercings to accommodate large sized earrings repeatedly in steps over a long time. You start with small hole in your ear, then gradually strech that hole with bigger and bigger piece of jewlery. The two ends of the long jewelry have two metal balls so as to prevent the jewelry piece from slip out.These are just like two helix piercings but connected together with a barbell earring.
On the other hand, the outer conch piercing can be found at the outer cartilage of the ear.conch piercing should not be confused with the helix piercing as the former is performed on the flat portion of the cartilage. Usually piercing guns are employed for puncturing the helix but bigger needles may also be used by a few. But there are others who just use a bigger needle in order to create a helix piercing.
Once you come to the size you wanted, you can stop streching your ear and enjoy in your new look. Ear jewelries that are used for this are the studs or bead rings. Multiple helix piercings forming colorful or bling patterns look really cool.

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