It didnt hurt too bad at first, it just gradually got worse and worse and worse as it went on. Nothing planned as yet but I got a few years to go before I’m too old for anymore tattoos. It was done in 2009, I dont know who the artist was, they were very professional and did a great job. I hated it, I wanted it covered for years but everyone said it was too big and it would be difficult to do anything about. My boyfriend was getting tattooed and I was flipping through some of the books on the table at the studio.

We didn’t 100% finish the koi tattoo but there was no way we were going to do any more at that point because I was just done. I ended up talking with one of the artists and showing her my lunar moth tattoo and talking about how much I hated it.
She was probably the first person to tell me that it would be possible to cover the tattoo. I was nervous sitting in the chair waiting for the koi tattoo to start but other than that I don’t think I really got a chance to get nervous.
One of the books on the table was a sketchbook that the artist had done and she had various designs that she wanted to tattoo.

The two fish made me think of a yin yang and the fact that it would work as a cover up made it all that much better.
It has no meaning other than covering up that nasty moth but I’m so happy with it now. I hadn’t planned on getting it covered up that day but definitely had planned on doing something with it to fix the ugly tattoo that was there before.

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