If you're in the process of deciding on a new tattoo design, look at some LA Ink tattoo images for inspiration! Upon first conducting your research for your next tattoo, the quickest way to get a feel for the artist's work is studying his or her portfolio and images online. Be careful not to get anything too large or too small in relation to its placement on your body.
Too often a person will sit in the doctor's office anticipating his seventh painful laser-tattoo-removal session (for a single tattoo) all because he was brash and careless. The TLC hit television series LA Ink takes place in the famous West Hollywood tattoo parlor, High Voltage Tattoo. After viewing images online you're afforded the opportunity to determine whether or not you'd like to take the next step: meet the artist in person. Additionally, if you ever decide to get that tattoo covered up, the tattoo artist will need extra room to work with.

Judging by the elaborate, colorful tattoos of cupcakes, Care Bears and other assorted "happy" visions, and intense body modifications that adorn her body, Pixie has a zest for life.
Featuring renowned tattoo artists Kat Von D, Corey Miller, Paul Booth, and more, this show follows highly specialized artists as they imprint their art on a diverse selection of clients. If you're thinking of heading over to High Voltage Tattoo for some fresh skin art, check out the list below for some wonderful links to view some LA Ink tattoo images. Of course, when obtaining a tattoo, it's best to go in with the self-assurance that you won't want to change or remove it! Sure, with some industrial ink removal procedures you might be able to get rid of them, but why put yourself through the painful and expensive process?
Knowing about the artist, understanding his or her technical style, and matching your wants with respective specialties must be accomplished to ensure the best possible outcome. The former Fear Factor game show winner is a pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish), loves animals and lives in Los Angeles with her two pitbulls, Cup Cake and Chopper, and her cat, Monkey.

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike have become obsessed with the reputation and abilities of LA Ink artists, and there are numerous LA Ink tattoo images to prove it!
While it's always a good idea to view tattoo artistry portfolios online, try to see some of your prospective tattooist's work on actual people in living color. This will give you a very good idea of what to expect from the inkmanship after the needle has finished its work.

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