The new gateway to the City of Las Vegas' five million dollar renovation of the Fremont East District.
The neon horse & cabellero from the 1956 Hacienda Hotel is now installed at the entry to Fremont East.
The El Cortez' original roof sign, installed in 1952, still remains a major downtown landmark. The new Streamline Tower condominiums are seen in the background, located next to the El Cortez Hotel Tower. The beautiful lobby and registration desk of the El Cortez lie just beyond this streetside entrance. Front view of the El Cortez shows the original front and its newly remodeled fifteen story Tower Hotel in back. If you're not already a member, make sure you sign up for the best rewards in Las Vegas the next time you visit. The El Cortez now provides its Gambling Gourmet table-side food service for its gamers from 11am-10pm.
With 25% looser slots than the Clark County average, El Cortez provides customers the best gaming in town. This four story, red stiletto high heel is one of four new streetscape signs recently unvieled.
Photo of the west side of the El Cortez showing its redesign and its newly renovated 1980 room tower. To experience 'life at the top' with an incredible view, try a penthouse room at the El Cortez Tower.
Manager (Mike Nolan) the El Cortez has become the most prominent, fun-filled casino in the new Fremont East District. Tower rooms provide views of the entire valley, as well as great views of the Las Vegas Strip.
With room-prices averaging below $49 dollars, your next visit to Las Vegas can be your best one ever.
El Cortez' new, fine dining restaurant - The Flame - now occupies the long time, Las Vegas favorite - Roberta's. This cozy, romantic, intimate and well staffed restaurant provides a delightful dining experience for locals & tourists.
Other superb seafood dishes are: fresh Australian Lobster Tails, Atlantic Salmon & Shrimp, Walleyed Pike & Chilean Bass.
Cafe Cortez has the most comfortable & lively 24 hour dining in all of Downtown's Fremont Street. The El Cortez is located at the corner of Fremont & Sixth Street, just one block east of Las Vegas Blvd.

Jackie Gaughan, the 88 year old gaming pioneer, is the central, living figure in Old Las Vegas History. Along with 92 year old Kirk Kerkorian, Jackie Gaughan is one of Las Vegas' most influential founders. To this very day, Steve Wynn gives due credit to Jackie for helping him get his start at the Golden Nugget in the early 1970s. Golden Nugget, the Showboat, the Ambassador Motel, Western Casino, Union Plaza and Gold Spike. After college, Jackie enlisted in the military when WW2 started and was a member of the Army Air Corps.
In partnership with his Uncle Eddie, Jackie bought a 3% interest in the old downtown Boulder Club. Together they became the Dynamic-Duo of Downtown Las Vegas, opening the Saratoga & Derby Sports Book together on First Street. Thru over 45 years operating the El Cortez, Jackie's motto has been: "Give the customers a good deal, and they'll come back". Now, at 88, Jackie is still as sharp as a tack & remains a vital part of the El Cortez atmosphere & of Las Vegas development. For a real nostaglic taste of classic & vintage Las Vegas take a look inside the living history of El Cortez. Angeles architect and developer Marion Hicks and John Grayson to build Fremont Street's first casino-hotel, the El Cortez. El Cortez property back to Houssels & his new partner and the Mid-West group went on to fund the building of the 1946 Flamingo.
Golden Nugget, the Boulder Club (seen on right) and the owner of the Las Vegas Club (right rear) with partner Mel Exber. In 1950 Jackie Gaughan bought a 3% interest in the (1946) Flamingo Hotel, though his main interests were downtown. In 1932, the Meadows Hotel & Casino would open as the first hotel-casino complex built in Las Vegas. In 1956 the Fremont Hotel opened, followed by the 4 Queens in 1966, Union Plaza and the Mint tower in 1971. Northern Club and now The Bayou) is seen just beyond, along with the Pioneer's 1951 Vegas Vic sign. Kenny Epstein and Mike Nolan, helped get the 16 billion dollar redevelopment of Downtown well on its way. District has brought great new progress to the area which will continue far into the future. Early 70s' view of Fremont Street, looking eastward from the Las Vegas Club, all the way to the far east end of Fremont Street.

The Union Plaza Hotel was built on the former site of Las Vegas' 1905 train depot and opened in 1971.
The all new 'Fremont East District' as seen in 2009 showing the approximate same area as seen in photo above. The Retro Martini Glass and New Vegas neon sign streetscape designs in the Fremont East District. East Fremont Street's entrance and the new street scene of Downtown, east of Las Vegas Boulevard. The El Cortez is seen just one block down (left), from the Entry Arch at LV BLVD (formerly 5th Street).
Plaques, commemorating Downtown historical moments, are embedded in the East Fremont Street sidewalks.
Las Vegas' Mayor Goodman, seen on this East Fremont banner, was an early initiator of the District. Another street plaque, this one commemorating the old Las Vegas Red-Light District called Block 16.
The Griffin Bar is located on the south side of East Fremont, just 100 yards from Las Vegas Boulevard. Griffin's neighbors are the Las Vegas Tattoo Parlor, Kabob Korner (Mid-Eastern food) & Uncle Joe's Pizza.
The view west from Fremont East shows Hennessey's Tavern, Fremont Guitars and the site of the Neon Museum. We Currently Own and Operate Four Locations in Las Vegas!Fremont Street Experience - Downtown Las VegasStratosphere Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas Blvd.
HilaOriginally from Haifa, Israel, Hila moved to Las Vegas in 2008 to expand her businesses. What is Jagua?The Jagua fruit is a natural fruit found only in the Amazon region of South America. To enjoy a nostalgic and hip, new vacation in 'New-Old Downtown Vegas', try it from the El Cortez. Porterhouse' and 'Prime Rib' Specials have been well known, locals' favorites for over 48 years. Having a special talent in handicapping he began taking legitimate horse racing and sports bets.
Pat the area dry and try not to rub the tattooed area.The Fading Process Jagua tattoos contain a natural permanent dye from the fruit.

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