Leadership can be described as a process in which the leader exhibits power of social influence on other people allowing them to support each other and helping out each other to achieve a common task.
A leader is a person whose actions inspire others to such an extent that people dream more, do more, learn more work hard to become more like the leader. A leader may be natural born however may need several key skills which he or she will need to work upon in order to be a great leader.
Even some say that these qualities should be necessarily present in a leader, some people also holds the view that the best leader is the person who does not come forward in front of the people and allow his group to do all the work while he sits back and manages people.
Quotes that encourage and motivate you could become the face of Dare to Lead in our community.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Some people may also classify a leader as a person whom people follow and as someone who directs or guides others.
Some of these characteristics include traits, situational interaction, behavior, power, function, vision, values, charisma and intelligence among several other features. This is the kind of leader whom people barely know that he exists, but is determined on finishing up his work.
However, mainly leadership is the quality in a person which allows him to gather a few people in order for them to help each other for achieving common goals and accomplishments.

The view is generally held that effective leadership is not just about making big speeches and being liked by everyone; however the quality of person’s leadership skills is defined by the results he bring about for the people he is working for.

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