One important thing to note when applying the final coat is not to paint over an area that has already been painted. Although the steps in this how to crackle paint furniture article may seem easy, you can still make mistakes.
Learning how to draw people can take a bit of practice, but it is not very difficult once you learn a few principles.
This section outlines some of the principles used by artists throughout history, and contains a few exercise on how to draw stick figures, human figure drawing, and how to draw men, women and children.
In the greek statues, the height of a develeoped man was usually equivalent to eight heads. From finger-tip to finger-tip, when the arms are extended at right angles to the body equals the length of the entire figure from crown to toes. These proportions are only a guideline you have to keep in mind when learning how to draw people. Next, indicate by a line the action of the shoulders, leaving room enough above for the neck and head, then indicate the tilt of the pelivs. Use egg shapes for the start of the head, the torso and the pelvis, and in this way it will be easier to judge the proportions by eye. In the above drawings, most of the weight is resting on the right leg, which forces the pelvis to tilt in an opposite direction to the upper part of the body, and the foot touches the line of gravitation.

The muscles of neck should be studied as at every turn of the head their forms are modified to balance the head which weighs from twelve to fifteen pounds.
In a back view start the line of gravitation at the seventh vertical vertebra (the prominent vertebra).
If you're not very familiar with human anatomy, Victor Perard wrote a book called Anatomy and Drawing, which is an excellent resource artists use as a reference for their sketches.
But if these instructions are too advanced for you, perhaps you should consider doing some more work on how to draw stick figures, in one of the links below (coming soon).
For the topcoat, you have two options: to use a crackle medium solution or Elmer’s school glue. When using Elmer’s® glue, simply apply a relatively thick layer and let dry until barely tacky.
Always practice on a small piece of wood or foam first before attempting the crackle on a piece of furniture.
It may be quite expensive to crackle paint furniture with a professional, so why not try it yourself first? Learning the proportions of the human body is essential, but when do we get to draw people?
It is advisable to use two contrasting colors or use a darker shade of the same color for the base coat.

These layers, which are the ones that show through the cracks, are best painted using latex paint.  Let dry for a day. Mix colored paint with some glue with the ratio 2:1 and then paint over the nearly dried glue. When the glue dries, it will constrict and give the crackle paint effect on your furniture. This will generally take up to four hours but anything after that may affect the effectiveness of the medium. In this case, choose acrylic or any water-based paint for the final coat because gloss or semi-gloss do not crack well. To know how your finished product will look like, experiment on other pieces of wood first. Using a sponge will give you small hairline cracks that go in every direction while using a paintbrush can give you bigger cracks that usually follow the direction of your brushing.

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