This is also a one on one course your are the only one in class with your trainers undivided attention.  This two-day workshop also teaches you the unique method and technique of soft touch for precise straight perfect 3D HAIR STROKES for eyebrows. You will need 4 models for day 2 practical class.  each model will be charged only $100 instead of $500 to cover the disposables used. Courses are to be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to ensure we order you kit and receive it in time for your training. Our Certified CoursesAll courses are nationally certified and are delivered one on one and we do not train in groups or classes, as we believe every individual learns at different levels and we are only as successful and  are as good as you learn.

Learn the proper way to draw and design eyebrows and the best technique for placement, symmetry and colour. For dates, please contact ATSCI direct as dates are upon both you and your trainers availability.
If you don’t learn enough we have not done our job properly – therefore “your success is our success”.
No one is going to teach you the art of hair strokes like we do using both digital and manual tool.

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