Special thanks to Demian of Blood Brothers Tattoos, Holloway Road London and Tom Hooper of Frith Street Tattoos, Soho, London. Skip: The spider web on my face is a cover up of a spider web that was hand made by my sister.
Scott: When I was 16 I was living in Aldershot and I went to Farnborough with a friend who was getting a tattoo done. Send me email updates about messages I've received on the site and the latest news from The CafeMom Team. Quoting Anonymous:You're going to have to go to a tattoo artist who is expiriencied in cover-ups. One night, me and a tattooist friend bought a load of crack and some PCP and decided to modify the tattoo a little bit.
I had just got divorced from my first wife, so I was really happy and my friend was starting out as a tattoo artist and wanted to use me as a guinea pig.

It was a boiling hot summer day in Baltimore but he turned up with a jumper, a beard and a woolly hat.
None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. They will have to work with the black lines to come up with a design that will flow with the previous lines.
Your best bet is to research some local tattoo artists and work with them on a custom piece - the best ones won't just 'cover' it or plaster a bunch of thick dark colors on it, they'll incorporate what's there into the new design. What once was a simple, plain, loving-your-mom rose turned into a snarling, bleeding, thorny monster with bolts of lightning worked into the design to make it exciting.
You cut the end off a Biro, shove a wire through it and attach it to an an old Braun razor and use that as a motor. The tattooist said if you spend over a certain amount of money he’d do one on your chest, so I got an Iron Maiden one there.

I was going to get it blacked out but I still had feelings for her and just getting it blacked out felt a bit plastic. Flowers or butterflies are usually a good choice for coverups on tats like the one you have - they can be fairly detailed and brightly colored.ETA: If you're worried about blue bleedthrough, mebbe a blue flower? It’s a book with a candlestick with a chicken foot holding a winged candlestick with seven candles. Skinheads used to get swallows tattooed there but I subverted it and got a bat just above the Vice Squad logo.

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