You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Normally, tattoo artists separate a leg on three main tattooing areas: the thigh, leg and foot. The front of the thigh is an amazing zone to have a stylish graphic tattoo (as the vintage elephant on the photo). Simple combination of abstract pattern with beautiful flower buds is an excellent choice for a tattoo on a leg. The dreamcatcher, a signage which comes from native American, is overwhelmingly loved by girls as it’s cute and meaningful.
If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Diamond Tattoos, Demon Tattoos, Cupcake Tattoos and Script Tattoos. Tribal designs are very popular among the guys as they look masculine and striking, in their own distinct way. Long quote etched on the leg that inspires and gives us hope to turn the negativities into positive outcomes.
Exclusive portrait tattoo, created with roses and a mysterious face, makes for a distinct leg tattoo. Awesome leg tattoo, showing a raging dragon, perched on a skull, that is a symbol of victory over fear. Partly colorful, partly black and white; this leg tattoo catches attention through its details and has got various imageries woven together.
Carved on the leg, this tattoo with a torn out treble clef symbol makes for a sweet and stunning portrait.
Popular oriental symbol of wisdom, knowledge and power, looks good, in its green avatar, on the leg of the man. The black and grey portrait of the girl looks fabulous and has been carved as a mark of love for one’s bold and brave daughter. The red muscles, carved on the leg, present a grim portrait but have got a fabulous creative touch. Werewolf paws in tribal flames, bring out a masculine tattoo design that is full of passion, energy and bravado.
Black and white rose tattoo, created on the leg, is a symbol of mourning and some deep sense of loss. Eye-catching and cute, this joker is charming and manages to delight the hearts of all the onlookers.

Green and black, koi fish tattoo, serves as a source of inspiration for the wearer and stands for endurance and courage. This environmentalist guy got a green, abstract design tattoo, done on his leg that looks very neat and natural. Lovely and artistic; this portrait tattoo does justice to the leg of the sculptor as a mark of his profession.
Laughing skull tattoo done in red on the leg makes for a unique and scary leg tattoo which has been done in a perfect manner. Check out this innovative style, skull tattoo created on the rear side of the leg with dark and grey ink.
Unique and artful; this leg tattoo is simply out of the world and hats off to the artist who created it in such a fine manner. Not beautiful and artistic in outlook but this leg tattoo holds a lot of personal meaning for the wearer. Pop music aficionado got a tattoo on his leg that represents twin paintings of Roy Lichtenstein and looks beautiful as well. The evil and dark, symbol of death, done on the leg with nice details, looks very intriguing and creates fear, as well. Take a look at this Maori tribal leg tattoo that resembles the face of a human and looks quite artistic. If a man likes the dark and dangerous themes, then this girl zombie tattoo would be a perfect choice for him. If you want to get some sharp and weapon like, tribal design, then this leg tattoo would serve the purpose quite well. The man got the heart-shaped lock and twin keys on his leg which is a symbol of deep love and affection, he has for his wife and daughter. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Usually, it’s not the first tattoo for one to get a tattoo on the leg as it is normally not as visible for everybody as arm.
This place is convenient because if you want you can always hide it wearing jeans or closed footwear. This tattoo looks elegant and feminine and can be done either in color or in black and white ink. This may be everything starting from a musical notes and ending with the instrument or microphone. Having won the hearts of many people with its mystery and richness of meaning, now Chinese characters even have their haters.

This very extravagant and picturesque tattoo style was created by two artists from Germany – Volko Merschky and Simone Plaff.
These tattoos often created by freehand technique, meaning tattoo artist draws them without the original sketch using only personal imagination. Tattoo that goes from foot to the leg is perfect for such sketches with a lot of smooth lines. Recently owls gained enormous popularity among girls, and it is the front of the thigh that became a favorite place for the application of this tattoo. One can easily combine the ethos of modernity and tradition in this unique art form and create beautiful designs and images on any part of one’s body. Leg tattoos are loved by girls and women as they look cool and sexy if they are carefully designed. Most of the time for creation of a bow tattoo artist will choose bright, almost neon shades. And if girls would rather choose to tattoo beautiful birds, flowers or colorful butterflies, guys will probably prefer compass, cars or wild animals. Classical Chicano tattoo is created in black and grey ink and depicts beautiful girls, money, cars, weapons and religious symbols. However, with the original approach, you can get a pretty unusual tattoo, as in the photo above.
They usually characterized trash polka as a combination of nature and abstract, realism and trash, past, present and future – all in one. To make the text tattoo not boring, you can tattoo it with a sheet of paper or flowers, compass, clock, etc., depending on the meaning of text.
However, this part of the body needs an enhanced care while healing and because this zone of a leg regenerates fast, tattoo here may require further correction.
There are also some professions who do not allow men to have tattoos on their body parts and this is why such people prefer to get a tattoo on covered parts such as leg or back. Here, we have created a gallery of 25 leg tattoos for men that will give you cool ideas to paint your leg in style and march out with pride.

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