A little girl who had either let go of or lost hold of her one and only balloon which is not floating away from her as seen only on the other foot. Of watching something you desperately want float away from you and there not being a single thing you can possibly do about it. It is a very simple example of that sort of collaboration of two body parts and two tattoos but it is a clever one just the same.
Or it cab be like that feeling a parent may have when their child leaves the nest for the first time.

If you want a quick heart attack, go for feet tattoos like this with spiders crawling all over you. I cannot believe how real these spider feet tattoos look, they are crawling right off this guy’s feet.
If you want to talk about incredible design, these feet tattoos take the cake without a doubt. I have known spider fanatics and they are way way different from most people, and you have to see their spider tattoos, they will blow you away.

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