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A graceful hint of cold with shades of black combining in awesome patterns, that is what a leopard print is all about.
There is something infinitely beautiful in the many curvy patterns of the spots on a leopard’s coat. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on David Beckham Tattoos, Black Rose Tattoos, Lip Tattoos and Tongue Tattoos. The rich and black spotted leopard coat makes a beautiful and sexy look decoration for this pretty woman’s upper arm.
The upper back is covered with slice designs with a leopard coat imprinted in them in this offbeat wild animal inspiration tattoo. The spots of a leopard coat sit at easy distances making for a pretty permanent ink art design for this lady.
The graceful black shades add a subtly rich effect to the brown hues in this cool shoulder leopard print tattoo. See the way the foot has been decorated with a pretty leopard spots print theme tattoo to match with the similar printed nail art.
The amazing patterns in curvy black make a beautiful wild print theme tattoo for the forearm.
With the leopard print tattoo curved in a reversed V shape and ending in the middle of his back this man shows off his supremely wild self. Get a look at the subtle way the golden shades and black patterns combine in this artistic leopard print tattoo. The wild curvy shape of a leopard is reflected in this sexy tattoo that starts at the tip of the spine and gracefully curves over to the back.
Dark brown and black combine in fresh leopard print fashion all along the lower arm in this woman’s tattoo design. The touch of pink adds a different dimension to this pretty woman’s leopard print tattoo design on the foot. The upper part of this beautiful woman’s arm is covered in a cool muted leopard print tattoo design.
The pale shades of a faded leopard print look delicate against the black spots in this woman’s forearm tattoo.

Check out the artistic inspiration of a leopard spot that is used in this pretty eye patterned hip tattoo design.
The graphic novel style bold black leopard patterns make a powerful impression as a tattoo print design.
Rich brown shades create an intricate and deep pattern amidst the leopard spots in this wild print theme forearm tattoo. There is perhaps nothing better to show off a shapely female figure than a wild she leopard print tattoo inked along one side of the body.
Surrounded by black furry textures on all sides the orange hearts of this leopard print theme foot tattoo look bold and beautiful.
This delicate tattoo shaded with the colors of fantasy is bounded in by the wild leopard print in black shades. All down the leg from the portion below the thigh the cool and interesting shapes of black leopard print makes a stunning tattoo design. The bold and vibrant orange and red flower tattoo is surrounded by orange and black spots in typical leopard print style.
A bare touch of wild inspiration adds a stylish designer touch to this forearm tattoo in which the black shades may remind you of a leopard coat. Look at the awesome shaded yellow fur and orange-black spots creating a realistic leopard coat print feel in this upper arm tattoo.
A subtle touch of leopard print mixes with a bright red hue in this graceful tattoo that’s pretty enough to be an anklet. Check out the bald head of this man decorated with a perfectly blended design of leopard spots inked in muted shades. A red devil face sits surrounded by the golden leopard patterns in this awesome graphic design style forearm tattoo. Bright orange and golden spots mix with black to make the typical leopard coat pattern in this shoulder tattoo. Take a look at this delicious leopard tattoo pattern as it curves in a gentle arch from the neck down to the back.
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It could be feminine and a perfect way self expression for women if the design and the placement is done properly. By using needles and electric tattoo machine, it has been a lot precise and lessened the pain when puncturing the skin.
Tattoos of all flowers, feather, tree, dreamcatcher, quotes, etc., are good tattoo ideas on rib.

Imagine the shapely body of a leopard as it springs through the wild caves and forests with boundless energy. If you look carefully you can see that the golden and black make a subtle blend in certain areas adding to the richness of the pattern. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Girls who admire their bodies and beauty of the amazing art opt to get their first tattoo on less visible area of the body. I’m interested in the pattern surrounding the text, which seems influenced by tribal pattern.
Through awesome tattoo designs for the forearm, upper back, hip area, or the leg tattoo artists celebrate this magnificent animal of the wild. Rib or rib cage is one of such good locations for its larger area and flexibility of invisibility. It’s a larger canvas for tattoo artist but the skin here is relatively thin compared with other parts of the body. Just meant for men and women who are wild at heart the leopard tattoos brilliantly show off untamed beauty. There is just something so uncontained and free-spirited about a leopard print that even a touch of it in a tattoo design adds a different dimension. Rib is one of most painful areas on the body to get tattoo although the pain varies person to person. Sometimes a leopard print may be inked in a realistic design to recreate the tawny look of the animal, or a simple black pattern of spots may make a powerful ink design.
If you get a tattoo on rib, the tattoo is invisible to yourself, not like a tattoo on back. The curvy shape of a leopard can come out through a leopard print body art design that arches gentle along one side of the spine. For its larger area, there are plenty of choices to think about a meaningful tattoo on your ribs. Just a hint of golden fur and brown hues in the tattoo design can bring out the wild side of men and women who choose to live free.

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