Harry’s left arm in particular has received quite a bit of tattoo attention recently and is covered in tiny, seemingly random tattoos, although they obviously mean something important to the British singer. Among these scattered arm tattoos are the tributes Harry Styles has to Los Angeles, New York and London – all cities the singer has a deep connection to.
The pop star’s London tattoo, which reads “LDN” in black capital letters, is inked on his left arm, just above the large black heart Harry has on his shoulder.

Apparently, Harry felt enough of a connection to New York to get a tat inspired by the Big Apple inked on his arm. Similar to his “LDN” tattoo, the singer sports a small “Ny” tattoo inked in black on his left shoulder, with the “N” being a capital letter and the “y” being a lower-case letter. Also similar to his London tat, Harry Styles’ New York-inspired tattoo features a pretty crude design.

Bringing the city tattoo trend full circle, Harry has a tiny tattoo honoring Los Angeles with the letters “LA” inked on his left arm, right next to his “LDN” and “Ny” shoulder tattoos.

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