If you’ve had your eye on lily tattoos or is looking to get a lily tattoo design any time soon, this article is for you.
The Stargazer Lily: This lily is one of the largest in its species, reaching 36 inches tall and spreading up to 16 inches wide.
The Orange Lily: This flower is more commonly known as the tiger lily and is shaped like a bowl.
The type of lily you choose for your tattoo will depend on what you want the flower to say about you, what type of personality you have and what shapes and colors you prefer.
Even if you cannot find any particular meaning behind a lily to make it special for your body art, still consider getting one simply because they are beautiful and vibrant flowers that make fantastic works of art! Peacock tattoos carry the symbolic frame embodied by the peacock, one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Those who choose to get a peacock tattoo, then, are often women and men who feel a connection with values such as honor and pride, truth and nobility. Make sure you do this for a reason, learn the meanings attached to the symbol of the peacock and you will never regret your choice. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.

Thigh tattoos are mostly for women in terms of placement as they could be cool and even sexy if well planned and designed. Tattoos are attractive on attractive people, so it’s important to find out a tattoo idea that fits to your personality.
The first lily of the valley is said to have grown from the tears cried by Eve when God exiled her and Adam from the Garden. This wonderful animal has earned his place in the landscapes of Chinese symbolism, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Hindu mythology, Buddhism, Esoteric Christianity… as a symbol of expansive consciousness and nobility, life and vitality. Furthermore, peacock tattoo designs are also known to be extremely sexy and colorful, and some people choose them precisely because of this. You can decide to go for a full peacock, big or small, or you can choose to settle for a single, beautiful feather.
Peacock tattoos are quite a commitment, especially because they usually require time and patience, and also because they tend to be noticed… just like the real peacocks!
This revered flower was said to have grown from the milk of the Greek Goddess Hera who was Zeus’s queen.
Peacocks are generous and proud, kind and understanding: they are creatures that represent inner beauty and integrity.

You can add as many colors as you want, mixing shades of pink, blue, green and red, and you can even play with backgrounds and landscapes. But if you really are noble and gentle, and if you really feel beautiful and proud, your peacock tattoo will enter your skin and reach your soul, merging with your real self in an archetypical ritual beyond space and time.
Plus, the fact that the peacocks replace their feathers annually has turned them into a symbol of both renewal and resurrection.
Choose the drawing that mirrors your personality and remember: turn it into your own, personal peacock.
This flower is so special that it was chosen to be the birth flower to those born in the month of May, and the wedding flower to be gifted on a couple’s 30th anniversary.
Take your time, pick the right colors, the size you want and, more importantly, the spot that will welcome your little bird.

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