For this drawing you will be positioning your hand once again and drawing it however you wish. You were probably looking for some dragonfly drawings or for some guide of how to make a simple sketch of this beautiful insect. This insect really is so easy to draw that you can make a simple sketch in less than a minute. Going through the drawing sequence below step by step, you will instantly understand how to draw a dragonfly. In Japan for instance, it represents a martial success, courage, strength and happiness while old European legends associate dragonfly with evila€¦interesting, isna€™t it? I will show you here one of the doable ways of how to draw a dragonfly you see on this picture. Decide the approximate size of your dragonfly drawing and draw a single cross, like you see on this picture. Continue the same procedure with eraser and sharp pencil to outline exactly the final shape of dragonfly.
If you observe very carefully, youa€™ll easily recognize that I did not put much attention to draw the veins on both sides evenly.
Shade the rest of the body and you have another beautiful piece of your dragonfly drawings collection ready. Pencil sketch of Rose May 16, 16 02:23 AMLittle did I know I was able to draw till I drew this.

Another installment of our dog breed coloring pages & this week we are featuring line drawings of a Bull Terrier, a Pug and a Collie. We were so happy to find so many breeds for coloring because it’s an artistic way to learn some of the physical traits different breeds are known and bred for. We hope you like the drawings and that they help you (or the dog lover in your life) create beautiful works of art. Vertical line represents dragonflya€™s long body and the short horizontal line is the place where we shall draw the eyes.
It is necessary because the size of the eyes will determine the size of rest of the body and wings.
These lines are not absolutely necessary but are helpful to get a good balance while drawing the wings on both sides. I call this drawing a a€?sketcha€? on purpose because it is still very rough although the approximate shape is already visible. From now on you may find the sharp pencil and pencil-shaped eraser both, as incredibly convenient tools to do this.
We usually do not detail them out so precisely like here but for better understanding I decided to draw the details this time. If you haven’t already be sure to check out our coloring page dedicated to the lively Samoyed breed.
With that being said don’t allow yourself to fall completely back into how you would normally draw.

All you need is to decide the main ones and you can subordinate the small veins to the a€?main-streama€?.
So half of the time you should be looking at your page and the other half you should be drawing while looking at your hand (blind contour). When a line is drawn on a piece of paper it’s intention is to depict the three dimensional world on a two dimensional surface. You are the magician deciphering what you see in reality and transforming it onto a two dimensional surface.
You are going to keep your focus on your hand, and do the drawing looking only at your hand. I want you to imagine that your pencil is touching the outward contours of your palm, winding in and out of all those wrinkles, and sliding down those slopes. Think of yourself as Luke Skywalker when he’s on the Millennium Falcon for the first time.
And he’s got to use his light saber to fend off lazer shots with his blast shield down.

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