With a graceful arch and associations with romantic kisses Lip Tattoos are the perfect symbols of love and romance.
You can go for pirate skulls to touch up the design of lips, or try a design with fantasy ships within evil-looking lips.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Crazy Tattoos, Ugly Tattoos, Inner Lip Tattoos and Stupid Tattoos. A graphic design style pair of lips inlaid with a pirate skull theme this is a great single color tattoo.
If you want to create a sensation with your tattoo this design with a purple eyeball locked in by lips is just perfect.
You can look super hot with stylish red lips and your lover’s name inked on your arm. This script tattoo in a flowing style with red lips is a great design below your shoulder-blade. This colorful tattoo comes straight out of fantasy with a design of a storm-tossed ship locked inside evil-looking lips.
This tattoo of lipsticked red lips in a kiss is just great if you want a neck tattoo that turns heads.
You can get an attractive open pair of red lips as a tattoo right below one of your shoulder blades. When you are with your lover showing off a red lips tattoo near your waistline can be a really romantic idea. This design in red with touches of black and white shows evil lips with a long flowing tongue. Traced with fresh red lines with a realistic effect this sexy pair of lips is a great tattoo anywhere on your body.
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Rather than these temporary tattoos for lips you can also go with permanent tattoos in inner parts of your lips. In above there is mention best of lips tattoos designs, you can go with colored pattern lips tattoos or effortless and sober words tattoos in your inner parts of lips.. Dinosaurs, the huge and fearsome prehistoric reptiles that ruled the world during the Mesozoic era, have been quite popular as a tattoo subject over a long period.
If you enjoy romancing life, or want to celebrate a great relationship, you can get a lips tattoo anywhere on your body.
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Temporary tattoos are normally considered a best way to test with a exact style without making a long term promise, though, currently; temporary tattoos have come to be an easy style statement as well.
The words are effortless and sober, and forever signed with lucidity; they do well when it signed on the inner portion of your lip. These tattoos may or may not carry any specific symbolic meaning and are often sported merely to express one’s appreciation for these great reptiles.
Imagine a permanent kiss on your wrist, or one on your beautiful back, and you get an idea of how hot a lips tattoo can be.
For a really cool look you can get inked with a design showing black lips combined with pirate skulls. The connection between fashion and tattoos is expressively illustrated by a new fashion that seems to be rising in popularity by every passing day: temporary lip tattoos. If you like passionate touches with a classic touch, designs such as roses or pink polka dots are just a few techniques you can try out with. Decide a word that symbolizes who you are or what kind of person you are and what you do, or just you can go with a word that is what you want to say to someone with whom you feel secure or comfortable instructive the tongue or inner portion of your lip. Sometimes, these tattoos stand for the immense power and strength possessed by the prehistoric animals featured in them.

In a range of trendy patterns, the Violent Lips temporary design or tattoos are a time attention grabber. For those who like red tones with a twirl, the red zebra or the fishnet lip tattoo can definitely be attractive options. T-Rex tattoos are one of the most popular varieties of these tattoos, while cartoon dinosaur tattoos are often searched for by boys and girls.
You can also pair Lip Tattoos with your favorite quote about life by screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, or go for a simple name tattoo with lips alongside your lover’s name. This gives you the option of featuring personal matters, like the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend, in the tattoo. Another throng pleasing motif, the checker sample is available both in different tones and pink and white combination. Celtic dinosaur tattoos, tribal dinosaur tattoos and dinosaur skeleton tattoos are commonly sought after by tattoo lovers throughout the world.
An inner lip tattoo can feature anything from a star, the infinity symbol and a hello kitty picture to simple words like “sorry” and “classy”. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to limit yourself from experimenting with more shades at once, the rainbow designs can be your greatest bet.
Not only sexy aura, lip tattoo can give the cute impression if the color and the design little bit changed.
Some brands are also scheduling to introduce sparkly patterns in different shades like red, pink, gold and silver shades.
Your tattoo artist must know how to carve the lips on your body.Now, lip tattoo is not always owned by women, but it also owned by men. The reason why lipstick becomes tattoo design is because lipstick is an important thing in women’s life.

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