If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Knuckle Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos, Feet Tattoos and Belly Button Tattoos. Indeed, this tattoo is weird and the lettering symbolizes the same sentiment that the wearer must have felt while undergoing the tattooing process. The girl loves her pet cat and got this tattoo carved on her inner lip as a symbol of the same love. Lovely star sitting on the inner lip is a symbol of the ambitious nature of the guy who works hard to achieve his dreams. The girl is a foodie and to express the same she has got a tattoo on her inner lip that is very clean and clear.
The extinct animal is a favorite of the wearer and he has got it carved on his inner lip as a mark of love. Carved on the inner lip, this tattoo has a very lovely touch that also happens to be the first of this girl. The girl gives the crazy streak inside her a vent through this inner lip tattoo that is not exposed until and unless she wants. This wearer got the number tattoo on his inner lip in loving memory of his racehorse who also had the same number tattooed at the same spot. The man shows off his inner lip tattoo that is a tribute to his addiction habit that he was able to kick after a lot of efforts. The man has his own name carved on his inner lip for he wants to boost his self-confidence and etch his own identity. This guy got his fighter name tattooed on his inner lip as a mark of respect and love for his passion. Now this guy would be able to please anyone who has got upset with him as he has a funny and endearing way to say sorry. The boy has his favorite dish’s name carved on his inner lip that he loves to eat frequently. The girl gives vent to her unique cry that resembles to that of a crane through her inner lip tattoo.

The girl has that distinct quality of having a fine, refined taste in judging things and this tattoo is an expression of the same. This guy got the fish lettering carved on his inner lip as a complementary piece for his arm fish tattoo.
The man has a tendency to become nervous, therefore, he got this inner lip tattoo as a token of motivation.
The number one and symbol hash together look meaningless but must be having some significance for the wearer. The girl flaunts her sweet twin hearts tattoo, sitting on her inner lip that symbolizes her love for her lover. Simple inner lip tattoo that provides a cool way to the girl to express her rebellious nature. The word is a sign of the wild instinct that is hidden in all human beings and this tattoo conveys it in a unique fashion. The girl has had a fixation for inner lip tattoo since very long and got the word carved as the design on her lip.
The small word is a representation of the hurt caused while getting the tattoo which looks quite pretty. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Tattoo lovers can go to any extent to express their tattoo enthusiasm, including getting tattoos at odd unthinkable spots on their bodies. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Of course, I’m not entirely sure what the meaning of having the evil feline tattooed to the inside of your lower lip is unless you have an obsession of wanting to thrust your lower lip out to strangers and let them get a good look at how well your brushed your teeth with Hello Kitty toothpaste. Not only do I have trouble comprehending why anyone would do this, I also think the tattoo artist did a lousy job. I have a feeling the second photo is one of those dudes that painted his nails that way intentionally so he’d look like a dirty, homeless crackhead.

Well, you can let your imagination run wild but there is no need to go very deep and kinky for we are not going to talk about nasty and queer spots that some of you must be thinking. Many artists recommend customers to keep the tattoo as dry as possible for four or five days while it heals. Tattoos mean a lifetime commitment, because if you are unsure about making you one, create a temporary tattoo is a fun and easy way to prove how much you like if it were real. One not-so-pleasant aspect about the inner lip tattoo is that it hurts and the process is a bit cumbersome. You can gather Kissing Lip Tattoo Designs guide and read the latest How to Care For Lip Tattoo Ideas 2016 in here. The inner lip is a queer location to get a tattoo but people do get it because of some cool reasons. This gives you the option of featuring personal matters, like the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend, in the tattoo.
At night you can place a piece of paper towel under your tongue and your cheeks where your salivary glands are found to absorb more saliva and keep your lip tattoo ideas dry while you sleep. First and foremost, the tattoo remains hidden and therefore, is good for those who do not want to expose their body art and have a personal design. Below, we have listed 25 such shapes and designs that shed more light on the world of inner lip tattoos. An inner lip tattoo can feature anything from a star, the infinity symbol and a hello kitty picture to simple words like “sorry” and “classy”.
On the third day your tattoo will have had the most healing, so you can stop using paper towels.

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