Sometimes, tattoos of angels are not standing alone, but are implemented in some kind of composition (a larger colourful picture – story). If you are into religion, you probably know the theory that the devil was an angel, who was banned from heaven for challenging and teasing God. Female angel tattoos are soft, gentle and more subtle, while men often wear fallen angels or images that we can describe as raw. Their white large wings show that they are open to embrace love and goodness, and heavenly bliss. Quite often tattoo artists surround angle pictures with other elements, trying to present the balance between them.

Sometimes they are developed from famous paintings or book illustrations, just because they look nice, and worn as a beauty detail instead of a personal statement. Angel on your body usually has a deeper meaning and is a symbol of your love, faith or struggle in life at some point. If someone has this tattoo inked, it is often a proof that that person has decided to lead a healthy, peaceful life, without sins and regrets.
Each element, watched individually, has its own meaning, for instance: heart means love, cross means faith, stylized anchor means hope etc.
Fallen angels have an innocent look, but are always busted because of some detail, as being naughty and devilish inside.

Girls all over the world love these fallen angels tattoo because they symbolize their girlie and sexy side.

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