CHICAGO—A Chicago man alleged to be a “Corona” of the Latin Kings, making him the highest-ranking leader outside of prison and responsible for overseeing the illegal activities of all factions of the powerful Chicago street gang, is among 18 defendants charged in a sweeping new federal indictment against the gang’s alleged hierarchy. Among the new charges, the indictment alleges that Zambrano and co-defendants Vicente Garcia, Fernando King, Samuel Gutierrez and Felipe Zamora conspired to demand and receive payment from an organization illegally selling fraudulent immigration documents in the “Little Village” area of Chicago by threatening and actually engaging in the use of force and violence against members of that organization unless the defendants received regular cash payments. To enforce the Latin Kings’ grip on the community and control over its members and associates, defendants charged in the racketeering conspiracy (RICO) count allegedly kept victims in fear of the gang and its leaders by enforcing what it referred to as an “SOS”—or shoot on sight—order against Latin King members who cooperated with law enforcement. Zambrano, 49, also known as “Big Tino,” “Tino,” “Old Man,” and “Viejo,” was arrested Monday night on a charge of conspiracy to possess and distribute tablets containing hydrocodone that was lodged in a criminal complaint. Today’s indictment replaces the charges that were brought in September 2008 against 25 alleged Latin Kings leaders, including Garcia, then the Regional Officer or top leader of the 26th Street Region, a regional enforcer and 18 Incas (section leaders), who were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine in United States v. The indictment includes the previous charges alleging that the 12 remaining original defendants, many of them leaders of the 24 sections that comprised the 26th Street Region, conspired in late 2007 to sell a quarter-ounce of powder cocaine twice a month to fund the “Nation Box,” a kitty that the regional hierarchy used to purchase weapons, narcotics, and pay for funeral and attorney fees for fellow gang members.
The racketeering conspiracy count charges 15 of the defendants with engaging in pattern of illegal activity since 2000, including drug trafficking, extortion, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, murder, attempted murder, and solicitation to commit murder, and intimidation. The charges result from a sustained, coordinated investigation by multiple federal law enforcement agencies, working together with the Chicago Police Department and other state and local partners, to dismantle the hierarchy of the Latin Kings and other highly-organized, often violent, drug-trafficking Chicago street gangs. First of all, no matter what a kid wear’s, he dont desreve to die for the color of his clothes or how he wear’s them , if yall really want to kill go to the service, and get paid for it, stop killing for free in yall hoods, all you do is go to jail for life and become gay boys, and gang rapist, all you ganster are just showing off for another man on the block, think! This is a very interesting project titled L.A Cultura that was documented by photographer Andres Herren. Some very cool pics, the photographer has managed to make these guys look unassuming and reasonably normal even though they are heavily inked and probably borderline psychotic. Clanton 14th Street is a predominately Hispanic gang originally from Los Angeles’ eastside. During the early 1950s the city decided to change the name of Clanton Street to 14th Place in an effort to discourage the Hispanic gang from continuing their gang activities. People have falsely identified Clanton 14 as a Norteno gang from Northern California, but the 14th has been used with this gang since about 1952 or 1953 representing 14th Street not Northern California. Their neighborhood is adjacent to the Ghetto Boyz, Varrio 29th Street to the east, and Varrio 36th Street to the south. The Coca-Cola Bottling company and the City of Los Angeles’ first all black fire department occupy the area of 14th Street and Central in the original Clanton 14th Street neighborhood. ALL YOU MINOR LEAGUE GANGS AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU`LL NEVER BE ON THE SAME LEVEL WITH THE BIG OG. Augustin Zambrano, the alleged leader of the Almighty Latin King Nation in the Chicago area and particularly on the city’s south side, and 14 other alleged leaders of the 26th Street Region of the Latin Kings were charged with racketeering conspiracy for allegedly running a criminal enterprise to enrich themselves and others through drugtrafficking and preserving and protecting their power, territory and revenue through acts of murder, attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, extortion, and other acts of violence. This is the first time that federal charges have alleged that Latin Kings leaders extorted “street tax” from non-gang members, referred to as “miqueros,” who sold false identification documents.

Shapiro, First Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Robert D. Located along 26th Street, a main east-west thoroughfare, the region is bounded roughly by Fairfield Avenue (east) to Millard Avenue (west), and 21st Street (north) to 33rd Street (south). No specific murders are alleged in the indictment but it does allege assault with a dangerous weapon or attempted murder of at least five unnamed victims.
Gang members and associates paid required monthly dues into the Box which, in turn, the gang used to bail its members out of jail, to send money to incarcerated members, and to purchase and sell firearms and controlled substances.
In late 2006, ATF agents led an investigation that resulted in federal drug trafficking and firearms charges against 38 Latin Kings members and associates.
The defendants are presumed innocent and are entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Real smart lock all them up together so we as tax payers can pay for them to live together and build on their organizations and strategize to make their organizations stronger!!
Oh my name is ringing and everybodys scared of me ,no asshole ,now they know they got to get rid of yo ass, because you are now the neighborhood threat!
Although the gangsters in LA are responsible for much of the violence there, they do live by a code that includes loyalty, honesty, and love. The original Clanton varrio started in the early 1920s on Clanton Street which was located between San Pedro and Central Avenue.
Although Clanton are a Sureno gang, they have never identified with the number 13 in their graffiti. On the north side Clanton occupies the area from Washington Ave (s) to Olympic (n) between San Pedro (w) and Alameda.
This community has undergone some significant changes as the neighborhood has changed from a residential community that once occupied the streets of Essex, Paloma and San Pedro to an industrial and commercial zone during the 1980s with very little residential population. Y’all motherfuckers put a lot of homies away for snitching like the rats you m otherfuckers were born to be! All 18 defendants—six newly charged and 12 who were initially indicted a year ago—were charged in a 48-count superseding indictment returned by a federal grand jury yesterday. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys on Tuesday and was ordered held pending a detention hearing at 10 a.m.
Grant, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Andrew L. Since then, 13 of those defendants have pleaded guilty and all are named as co-conspirators in the new indictment. The region’s 24 sections are typically named after a street or intersection, with each section having its own leadership and “soldiers,” ranging between approximately 12 to 80 individuals, according to the indictment.

Members their associates at times paid money into the “Box” by selling narcotics supplied by Nation-level members of the gang. Last year, the FBI led an investigation that resulted in state and federal charges against 40 Latin Kings members and associates, including the 12 who were charged in the new superseding indictment. The Court, however, would determine the appropriate sentence to be imposed under the advisory United States Sentencing Guidelines. The territory of Clanton varrio once went from Olympic Blvd (north) to Santa Barbara Avenue (south) which is now known as Martin Luther King Jr. After the street name change, the neighborhood just embraced the new street, 14th Place, and added 14th Street to their name.
To the south they occupy the area between San Pedro (east) to Main Street (west) from 30th Street (north) to 36th Street (south).
Although Clanton is from Southern California, they never include the number 13 in their graffiti. The clicks of the eastside include the 25th Street, 31st Street, 32nd Street, 35th Street, Adair Street, Maple Street Locos, Pee Wees (PWS), Night Owls, Trinity Street Gangsters, and Jokers (JKS).
The remaining 12 defendants are facing the same and, in some cases, additional charges in the new indictment. The six new defendants brings the total charged to more than 80 in the last three years, and approximately 50 of the 60-plus defendants charged federally have been convicted. Clanton is not alone in this regard as several other gangs from Los Angeles also do not identify with the 13, such as Choppers 12, East Side Clover, Primera Flats, White Fence, 18th Street, 38th Street and several others.
Eastside Clanton is a much smaller turf today than the one they controlled during the 1960s and 1970s but its location is still consistent with the core area they originally covered. Three other new defendants—Ruben Caquias, Ernesto Grimaldo and Felipe Zamora—were arrested early today or were being sought and those arrested were scheduled to appear this afternoon before Magistrate Judge Maria Valdez.
The investigation was conducted with the assistance of the federal High Intensity Drug-Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force and under the umbrella of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF).
The new defendants are Zambrano, Fernando King, 39, of Chicago, alleged to be the gang’s “Supreme Regional Officer” who reported only to Zambrano, and Ruben Caquias, Ernesto Grimaldo, Nedal Issa and Felipe Zamora.

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