Former Turkish sailor Lasite, 61, proposed to Chen Lihua, 56, on Valentine's Day after Lasite reunited with his ex-Chinese girlfriend who he last saw in 1994 with help from Xiamen papers. With a bunch of red roses, Lasite cried as a child as he danced with Lihua and said "Chen Lihua, I love you. They fell in love soon but were forced to separate several days later because the sailor's ship was to depart from Xiamen.
An argument in an airport about a missing typewriter which Lihua gave Lasite to learn Chinese ended the relationship. Lasite blamed himself for the break-up and didn't have the courage to meet Lihua in the coming years. He failed to find Lihua in his two trips to Xiamen in 2009 as the city has changed too much.

Lihua returned to Hui'an County in Quanzhou to run a stone carving factory left by her husband who died before she met Lasite.
Lihua was told the news on her 56th birthday (one day before Lantern Festival) by a friend who knew the pair, and she was encouraged by her son to meet Lasite on the reunion festival in Xiamen.
Opened in January 2001, the Haicang Safari Park is now home to hundreds of animals of more than 70 species. Chen Lihua picked up Lasite's lost passport near Zhongshan Road and managed to hand it back. Although illiterate in each other's language, they bonded well by communicating with signs and Lasite would say 'I love you' to his woman every day.
He had a short marriage in the 1970s, but he never married again after he met the woman who he believes to never be found in any other places.

She would ask things about Turkey like weather, life style and male chauvinism when she met businessmen from the Eurasian country. He wants to learn Chinese in Xiamen University when he comes back around next Valentine's Day, and he will marry Lihua if she says yes.

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