Lotus flower tattoos have strong symbolical signifying along with them driving them to the most popular preference among those people who are looking to get tattooed. For tattoo lovers, who believe in tranquility in society as well as inner peace this tattoo is the best.
The lotus is seen in many ways; as a peaceful symbol, an emblem of spiritual enlightenment, or simply as the beautiful figure that it is. Lotus, aka water lily in Asia, is one of perfect tattoo design ideas because it has rich meanings in Buddhism, Hinduism and the ancient Egyptians. The lotus flower represents purification and faithfulness in Buddhism as it grows from a murky water, while rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

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These are beautiful lotus tattoos, i really liked that tribal one on the back of that lady. In Buddhism it represents purification and faithfulness, in Hindu beauty and non-attachment, ancient Egyptians relate it with rebirth and the Sun.
Have a look at the tattoo designs below and get yourself inked with the one which appeals you the most.
In this post, please enjoy the collection of 50 elegant lotus flower tattoo designs, which you may find out the connection to meanings of the sacred flower.

As you can see, the lotus has a wide range of meanings which makes it worth getting inked on your body.

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