Krrish , i think everyone knew this name .It is the first Indian super hero like Super Man , Batman and thousand of other Man. At the touch of love; we feel apart from this world lost in the thoughts and dreams of our paramour. They say it happens once in a lifetime but I beg to differ because it keeps on happening to us till the time our soul flees from this temporary world. Love can never be definedin mere words, it needs much more than that for it is encompassing and broad.Love has many dimensions, it depends how you look at it. Restlessness, passion, anxiety, urge and strong craving are the outcome of true and pure love.

Love is motherly love, it is paternal, sister-brother love, friendship-love, love-like-love, love for people, love for things we possess, love for our memories and the list goes on and on.
It means giving away what you adore the most and it means looking after what you love the most.When love happens us, we become impatient to express it, to share it. Some share it with their best friends, some with their parents and others with the ones they love. Some use words to express and share it while some use images to exhibit what they’ve got inside their hearts. To cater to this need of our in-love-mates, we shared some of the best love quotes and sayings.

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