When we begin to talk about love, you can be sure not to exhaust every little detail from the members such a discussion. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. No matter where on the body your tattoo is placed, you may have to live with it for a long time.
Eros is the love a person will show you with the intention of gaining from you either physically or sexually.
We have love in our heart, may it be towards our family members, friends or the significant other.

This means that if you are not ready to have a love tattoo to express your feelings to whomever, then it is not worth the trouble.
The other type of love is storge, in which some gestures such as holding of hands, hugging and even kissing are involved.
Due to this overrated feeling of love, many people have found their way into a tattooing clinic for purposes of expressing their love to someone of something through the ink on skin. You may be headed this way for reasons stated above or for any other reasons, but before you lay down for the tattooing session, you need to understand a thing or two about love tattoos. If you have just gotten into passionate love, then you can add cupida€™s arrow, which symbolizes both the pleasures and pains that come with love.

A broken arrow or a broken heart will mean that you once had love which was later betrayed.

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