To complement your project, choose from an impressive band of colors from clear to smokey black and every color of the rainbow in between. Within this colorful spectrum you'll find quality vellum sheets from four different manufacturers. Vellum is offered in a variety of standard, convenient pre-cut sizes used by creative hobbyists and professionals alike. If you’re looking for a new set of cards, MOO is a great online service that you can use to create custom business cards and stickers.
We call it Vellum Paper, an extensive collection of delicate translucent papers with the lovely appearance of frosted glass and a multitude of uses.
Choose from a colorful array of standard translucent vellum, or take it up a notch with elegant European Parchment Paper or Japanese Sukashi Floral Pattern Vellum.

From small 5x7 vellum to full size sheets and a collection of popular sizes in between, whatever your trade, we've got you covered. Due to its sheer nature, vellum makes an enticing invitation wrap or overlay, as invitation details are just slightly clouded by this delicate, light-weight paper. Mohawk Superfine is one of the best printing papers made today with great archival quality, which is a great choice when you want to put your best foot forward! Well, this one can pair with up to 3 devices and has an easy to use dial to switch between them. Print text, photos, or graphics on translucent vellum, and let the beauty of the paper beneath shine through. I ordered 100 mini-Luxe cards just to try them out before spending too much money on a larger order.

Including the cost of shipping each mini-card works out to about 41 cents per card and at that price I’m going to be careful how and to whom I give them out. Luxe Business Cards Luxe cards are MOO’s premium business cards, and you can tell a difference as soon as you pick one up. They aren’t as thick as the Luxe cards, but they are printed on quality card stock that that can have a gloss or matte finish.
Prices for the standard cards start at $19.99 for 50 cards and go up to $200 for 800 cards.

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