Big stars and little stars make merry with pin-points of light, in this small starry tattoo. Black shades end in a simple outline, in this enigmatic small tattoo below the collar bone.
Smartly equipped with a matchstick and a candle, this cool bird is all ready to light up the world.
Soft and furry, with its large head slightly lowered, this love owl looks cute below the collar bone. An ornamental tattoo with spirals and dots sits pretty as a small permanent ring on the finger.
I love Webbed Tat so much,its giving some Attractive look to that tattoo,thanks a lot for sharing.

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Sometimes, a small tattoo speaks louder than even a big one can, such as a tiny heart tattoo on the wrist.
To keep the style simple and unadorned, many small tattoos just use the basic outline as the design.
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Small tattoos are often filled in with different colors, though the smaller the tattoo, the fewer the number of colors, as tattoo artists may find it difficult to ink very tiny multicolored designs. From a pattern of stars, to rabbits nose to nose, to geometrical motifs, to baby footprints, many themes feature in small tattoo designs.

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