Make sure you have all the necessary apps – Make sure to install and set up all of your Windows 7 apps first.  While many apps are available automatically as soon as you install Windows 8, make sure that your essentials, like music, photos, and file sharing, are set up. When you are in a Hangout, you can swipe back or press the up button to get back to this screen, which makes for a lightning-quick way to jump between Hangouts. The plus button in the top right will start a Hangout, and you can add however many people you want.
The traditional, single-person instant message use case is where things start to fall apart, though.
I guess, ideally, you never archive the Hangouts with the contacts you talk to most, so you never have to use the "New Hangout" interface.
The coolest feature is the little avatars at the bottom of the window, which act as read receipts and show a variety of status functions. The video call button will kick you out to the standard G+ interface, and invite others to join. The settings are pretty standard, except for the crazy "confirm phone number" button in the settings.
There's actually no way to tell if someone is online in Google Hangouts - there's no online presence information of any kind. And while we're on the topic of insane things that the Hangout Team has managed to forget: There's no way to start a Hangout from the People app or a People card.
As much as I would like to gush over a new Google product, Hangouts is a disappointment, there's really no other way to put it.
I'm really surprised that there's no way to see if your friends are online or not in the Android version.
I think they removed the online status from the mobile app because they wanted it to be more like SMS. It's fucking funny now how they said in their blog - "you can no longer go invisible in the new Hangouts replacement for Google Talk". There is a setting to disable SMS altogether, and the messages themselves have a blue send button instead of green and have "iMessage" in the text field if it's an iMessage. Everyone whines about SMS, and no one has mentioned that now adding contacts and communicating is much easier. So, when I was telling people I use whatsapp, it was because it does not need an account, and justs uses phone numbers to reach people, making it a SMS on steroids. Also, like everyone else said, it only replaced Talk for now, so it didn't even unify G+ Messenger and Talk into one app.
I agree with everything you said, Though one other thing that is big (I atleast consider it big) is that Talk (Now Hangouts) is now a Play Store App.
That might work but there are those who might only want to use SMS when they're not connected to WiFi and such (in case they have tiny data caps or about to run out of data in their cap).
Some people prefer data (messaging) because they don't have a cap or it's very high but very little SMS (or god forbid pay by the SMS).
Some people want to select whether the message is sent to SMS or the Google account by default.
Some people will want the app to send an internet SMS (Google voice) instead of an instant message. These are all settings and options that _need_ to be addressed in a truly unified messaging service. When in SMS, it will highlight contacts that can receive SMS, and will send every message you type to SMS. The only reason I would disagree is because there are some countries that have to pay out the ass for data while SMS is free (or close to).
I think the idea is that, though they are different, they're core functionality is the same.
The way I see it, IMs are old, social networks have taken over the responsibility of keeping a list of friends where your friends themselves provide you with their up to date and customized profile. So I personally hoped that Google was going to deliver an app that let me text message, voice message, video message, picture message, chat, voice chat, video chat to anyone with a phone number, or email, or google account.
Plenty of gamers dislike microtransactions on principle, whether because they believe further monetizing a $60+ product is just plain greedy, or because they consider fast-tracking through the game’s unlock system to be a kind of developer-endorsed form of cheating. To track some of your activity, you’ll need to enable the functions and then add them to your Health app dashboard.
Now that the pedometer and distance movement functions are enabled, the rest is up to you, meaning you have to actually move around to see the statistics change. Separately, if you take a moment to poke around in Health app, it will demonstrate how ambitious Apple is with the app, either on future intentions of what various iOS devices will be able to do, or what they expect to surface from third parties.
Finally, it’s well worth mentioning that using these Health tracking features have showed no notable impact on battery performance, which is great news for those concerned about battery life in iOS 8. But there appears to be no way of telling it that those 6 miles were cmpleted over an hour. I’ve noticed the same with manual inputs, it does not seem reliable enough so I gave up on that. I was a bit surprised and disappointed to see that the Health app heart rate monitor doesn’t work though, when third party apps claim to do the same by using the camera. To change the priority for your data sources, open one of the data types, tap Share Data and use the Edit button in menu bar at the top of the screen.
Is there a way to click on a specific date to see that day’s data to get a total for that day? I have an iPhone 4s, and I have the update mentioned, but my app doesn’t track anything I do unless I manually enter it. Is there a way to click on the date in the Steps on the Dashboard and not get every minute, but just that many steps for that day?
That would be a great feature to get day-by-day steps and mileage counts, but at the moment Health app doesn’t aggregate the data that way. I like the app but would enjoy the manual data entered to appear on graph like my weight does. I have an iPhone 5c and thanks to this thread im aware my phones health app will not fully function due to the lack of a coprocessor. Indeed you can add heart rate data and BPM to the Health app dashboard on iPhone, but at the moment you need to input your heart rate data yourself. The one thing I have been frustrated about with the health app is the inability to see totals. You are right, in the current Health apps the total steps, miles, etc for all time or per month or week are missing. The problem I have is no matter what app I use if its this health app or a pedometer app I try on my iPod touch or even if I try getting apps for walking on my Nexus 5 they don’t seem to want to count my steps! Yea you need an iPhone 6 or newer, a Nexus 5 is not able to use the iOS Health app to track your movement. So the steps and walking-running features won’t work thru the health app if you have an iphone5? I find that the steps counter works pretty well for me, I don’t need it to be 100% exact, just good enough to give me an idea of my steps each day.

Yesterday I turned the walking & distance off in the Health app then restarted my phone. Hi, my wife and I get different readings as well, even though we have done the exact same distance or number of flights of stairs…we can understand the steps being different, she is shorter and has a smaller stride but she is not happy as it generally shows her doing 10-15% less mileage than me even though we’ve done the same distance. Have run calibration on a track and on a linear measured mile, the app recorded 1.5 miles in both cases – anyway to calibrate the app? I had an iPhone 5s (with the fingerprint home button, but very little storage), but that broke so I got a new iPhone 5s sans the fingerprint feature and way more storage.
My iPhone is horribly inaccurate and inconsistent in its miles walked and flights climbed tracking. TextPics offers lots of fun pictures made from ASCII symbols (the letters, numbers, and symbols from your keyboard) and the opportunity to make your own.
This review refers to the app created by FTW Innovations, but for the iPhone alone, there are text picture apps from a number of other developers as well. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now at home I have a binder filled with test sheets for reference and you can put in a little test swatch right on one of your sketchbook pages but why not take it a step further. Poke a hole thru the center of your wheel, put it in place on top of your window page and mark the center thru that hole. Poke a hole thru that page, insert paper fastener, put color wheel on at the back of that page.
All paintings, visual art projects and posts are original creations done by the artist, Gail Bartel 2008-2016.
It's not called Babel, or Google Talk, but "Hangouts." It also isn't the unified messenger we've all wanted - maybe it will be someday, but Hangouts is strictly a Google Talk replacement - there's no SMS or Google Voice integration.
Everything pretty much looks and works the same regardless of the number of people, except that you can add additional people to an in-progress group chat, but not to a one-on-one chat, those are private. It's very, very odd starting a one-to-one instant message by selecting people with a "checkmark" UI. When someone is typing, their ellipsis hops up and down, and panels and pictures slide all over the place. It also displays a nice green bar over top of the chat letting you know that you're missing out on the fun.
The Hangouts list will show a preview of the latest text or picture, and so will notifications. Hangouts doesn't use your phone number for anything, so why does it want to know my phone number? Google Talk had different colored dots for friends with idle, or busy, or online statuses, and Hangouts just has nothing.
Maybe, hopefully, Google+ Messenger will be removed in the next G+, update, but for right now it is still on our phones. It's a much, much nicer Google Talk, but that's all it is, another instant messaging client. You don't need someone to be online to send them a message, you send it and they respond whenever they see it. It doesn't show if your online or offline and you have snooze, status updates aren't relevant on smartphone imo. You can even tell which of your previous messages were sent via SMS or iMessage because of the color. Only using the Talk protocol amongst users who have it while using SMS for those who don't. I guess having a toggle would be good or at least the option to integrate them or not instead of forcing it down people's throats. I'm sure there are those who don't know anyone who use Talk, or use it themselves, as it is right now. People act as if it's an easy thing but it's very complicated and different users will feel differently about it. Anyway, It's when an SMS is placed over the internet instead of the phone carrier's network. You know, the ability for Google to upgrade the core Android OS without breaking OEM skins? It won't let you send a message to someone who does not have SMS, but will let you receive, view and read the messages you receive from people on Hangouts. If user has Hangouts, and is connected to internet, so capable of receiving a Hangout, it will send a Hangout, if not, it will send an SMS. You've made some great points, and I believe Google would love to implement something like that, hopefully it won't even require a manual toggle, it'll just ask you a few questions as set up (do you prefer to SMS or IM?) and it'll configure itself for you. SMS and glorified IM (since that is what Hangouts is) should remain separate, at least for now. It is Google Voice after all, not "Google Voice and SMS but no MMS (unless you're on Sprint)". That's what I use to send messages through my old carrier's phone number (had Verizon, switched to ST, didn't want ST to have control of my phone number).
They deliver a message in the format of text, picture, emoji, voice, or video or a combination of all to someone else.
Such app would be smart enough to resort to either internet protocol, sms protocol, or email protocol, to attain the prime goal of delivering my message or chat.
While Rogue will revive the naval gameplay that’s now familiar after the last two main entries in the series, Unity will return to dry land as players explore revolutionary Paris in the shoes of Arno Dorian, an Assassin with a history of loss and a determination to help others.
Next year will also see the franchise break through into mainstream cinema as Ubisoft Motion Pictures releases its first feature film, Assassin’s Creed, which is rumored to be set during the Spanish Inquisition.
Check out these creative do it yourself party themes your child is sure to love, as there is something below for whatever your child is interested in from movies, cartoon characters, to more general themes like strawberries and police officer. This is all done through the Health app itself, but again, it requires a newer iPhone, as older models do not have a motion tracking chip used to function as a pedometer, or the ability to detect elevation. The Flights Climbed function works well too, and is fairly interesting in that it uses the new air pressure sensor built into iPhones to detect even minor changes in altitude.
With the potential ability to track a huge variety of health and fitness statistics, from body measurements, to fitness, nutrition, sleep, vitals, lab results, and much more, the future looks pretty interesting, though at the moment Health app feels very half-baked due to it’s limited functionality and the apparently missing data input sources. Much like other default apps, you can not delete the Health app from the iPhone, though you could choose to hide it either by stuffing it within a folder or using Restrictions to make the icon disappear from the home screen. Of course, the iPhone 6 Plus has great battery life to begin with, so even if a tiny effect was there, it would likely be minimal and go unnoticed, and reports suggest the same for iPhone 6. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Much of the longstanding rumors have suggested it would have deep sensor tie-in with Apple Watch, so perhaps with software updates and hardware, the data will be better once Apple Watch debuts. Perhaps an update will fix it, because it would be very useful to go back by date, and to better look at specific periods of time.
However, I have a nike fuelband and am trying to figure out how to link the two together so I can track steps and such.

There is not a system of measuring the details on the iPhone (yet), perhaps Apple Watch or maybe an app that uses the camera can tie in the data to Health app? Additionally there is no way to view longer term trends or charts for multiple months, years, etc. How can that be I know everyone says 5c doesn’t have a motion sensor but how does his record it then???
For those who only want to look at their daily stats at the end of each week – too bad. I’m thinking this is why I also see big differences in the number of steps and total miles walked that my husband gets versus what I get?
Take today for instance, my husband worked from home and hence didn’t move around much. Once I did that I noticed the distance was tracking more accurately, then today it went back into sucky mode again. My husband always get higher readings on mileage when we walk together exactly the same distance. My old iPhone worked just fine with the health app to record all of my steps and distance, but this new one doesn’t work at all unless manually entered.
I can get the chart, and I can get that long list of how many steps each few minutes, but what I want is the total number of steps for a given day (not the current day). Hangouts completely replaces Google Talk, so if you have a fondness for the past, say your goodbyes before you update. You tap on a name, which adds them to the list, and then you have to press the green "Message" button at the bottom. A faded picture means the person has Hangouts closed, and has read the conversation up to the location of his picture, and an ellipsis means the person is currently typing. The menu button will let you snooze all Hangouts, which lets you turn off notifications for a certain time period. Hangouts doesn't integrate SMS or Google Voice in any way, so, at best, Android is down from 4 IM clients to 3.
The lack of SMS and Google Voice integration means Google hasn't solved the primary problem with their messaging apps.
They took away some great Talk Features (who is online, the ability to be invisible, etc) as well. I laugh at the stupid people on iOS who can't tell the difference between a SMS and an Instant message.. Hangouts is just a new IM app, that works a bit differently than Talk, without adding any new feature except gazillions emoji and multiple video chat at once.
Unless if they are integrated and there's a way to ensure that it doesn't send the message through SMS or the other way around, I'll be happy with that. It could still sync and let you use the web interface and archive messages the way it does right now. The only reason "internet" is appended to "SMS" is because you can send and receive SMS using a web interface with Google Voice. With Google Voice, when I send an SMS, it leaves my phone as 'data' and goes to it's destination phone number as an SMS, via their messaging app. But IMs are internet bound, and have social features such as profiles and friends attached to them. And it would be smart enough to read from my phone's contacts list and my google contacts list, to pull profile information from (in the ideal world, it would read from my facebook list too). With your example and the millions of others that use ellipticals and treadmills, it would track the steps, but not the distance obviously, and on an incline it would not detect the stairs climbed either.
If you give Human higher priority, Health automatically fills up any gaps we have in our data with the step count-based distance estimate. But Moves also tracks where I’ve been through the day, an immensely useful feature for me, so I reloaded it and glad I did. The data as presented away from the charts and graphics, when you tap on details, and you get the list of specific movements, that for now is rather useless to the average person.
I would tend to trust Google too for distances, but keep in mind that when you are walking, the distance covered is often different than direct lines on a map distance would be, thus the Apple Health tracker may be providing accurate mileage data and step data. I would like to easily see how many miles I have walked in the last week or month without having to add the days. When every other messaging programs treats a contact tap as "start a message now," this feels very cumbersome. The lack of online presence is really annoying, and actually make the friends list less functional than Google Talk's.
IF you don't, some people will be in a tizzy if they IM you and don't get an immediate response.
Adding contacts is not more easy, infact, I never added anyone to Talk, because it just worked with all my Gmail and Google+ contacts automatically. It makes sense and gives them time to work with the integration for Voice and potentially into Android replacing Messenger. All SMS you receive is synced to Google servers, so you receive SMS on your computer too, etc. And in all instances, it would try and have all protocols in sync, and use the best protocol if available.
You don’t need to be on actual stairs for the flights climbed to register though, it takes the relative assumption of height into consideration and works even on gradual inclines and declines too. That’s a pretty glaring flaw, but it would be hard to correct without a tie in to the workout machine, or more simply, better input capabilities. The biggest change over Google Talk is that your iOS frenemies can now get in on the action too, but back in Android land, we are still all waiting for our unified messenger. Whatsapp is even better at adding contacts because it just uses phone numbers, you didn't even need an account, just the app on your phone. The reason why you can't would be, first and foremost, because you don't have internet right now, or you don't have the hangouts app, in which case, it will SMS as a backup. Go to the play store on your phone, and you can now search for and install the new hangouts app. Which I guess you could use to invent a TextPics based war game, or as a conversation starter about violence in the media. The only other reasons would be data cap, but like every other app, you could just have an option like: Only on wifi. And combined with the Android automatic data disabler when you reach your cap, that problem is solved.
So to me, automatic mode is the only mode I think people need, but you could have a toggle if you really wanted to. Also, I saw something where you could change what internal sensor of some sort within the iPhone to see it results are more accurate and for the life of me I can’t recall where I found that the other day.

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