What fun to get the correct spacing for this particularly French punctuation in a reflowable eBook! PagetoScreen - Want to be part of a collaborative authored project?  Penguin is asking for you.
Here we see the example of the first footnote in the chapter and the reference number in the text. Notes: Attention to detail - for PrintFootnotesThese need to be separated from the main body of the text, and are best set with a smaller size and possibly event a different typeface and colour. Christmas is just around the corner and the hunt for the best kids toys out there has never been more exciting. The Sphero 2.0 robotic ball is what every little ball might aspire to be, if it could but dream. Apart from the fun games one can play with a ball that zips around the floor at a blistering 7 ft (2 m) per second, this smartphone-controlled toy really comes to life when you start downloading apps that let you play augmented reality (AR) and mixed-reality games with it.
For instance, when you view your kitchen floor (or any setting) through your device's camera when it's running the AR based Rolling Dead app, you'll see zombies spawning under the kitchen table that can be destroyed through a fireball shooting Sphero.
More than just a powerhouse of fun, this programmable ball lets kids as young as 8 years learn coding, if they're of a mind to program it to do simple things like follow a preset course.
Take them out of the box and pair them to smartphones (iOS only for now) via Bluetooth and they are ready to zoom off on a vinyl race track. At the end of the race, players are awarded points based on performance which they can use to beef up their cars with new weapons, expanded capabilities and more. Ever wished that creating things with electronics could be as simple as snapping a few blocks together? What's more, you can combine them with ordinary objects to make uncommon things like an animated holiday hat that displays a ghostly Santa flying his reindeer when tapped, or a bow tie that jiggles at the sound of your voice.
Ubooly puts a fresh spin on plush toys by having your iPhone or iPod Touch zip into the cuddly body of a stuffed animal.
As well as being uber cute, the toy is a win-win proposition for both parents and kids – parents can rest easy in the knowledge that their smart device is safe from harm in a furry casing, while kids get to play with their parents' gadgets to their heart's content.
Lego Mindstorms EV3 gives you the ability to piece together truly awesome robots like the fierce cobra bot R3PTAR and the scorpion like SPIK3R. Programming the finished creation is as simple as dragging and dropping instruction modules into a visual workspace and hitting play at the end. With 594 bricks and a variety of sensors, motors and components, the EV3 offers a robotic programming playground that's extremely addictive. If you enjoy reading stories out loud to kids, but find the fact that you might not always be available (or inclined) slightly troublesome, here's a high-tech alternative instead. Small enough to use a lemon as a launch pad, the Nano-Falcon is one of the most adorable remote-controlled (RC) helicopters we've laid our eyes on.
It's the world's smallest RC helicopter according to the Guinness Book of Records, weighing a mere 11 g (0.38 oz).
Having a robotic avatar hanging on your every word can be kind of engaging and that's what you get with WowWee's RoboMe. Aside from giving it any personality you like, it's easy to program all kinds of quirky behaviors into it, such as having it dance if anyone shakes its hand or run away when hearing a key phrase.
Things get even more interesting when you experiment with RoboMe's "remote visual telepresence" feature. Not stopping at teaching young kids to read, Leapfrog's LeapReader Pen also helps them learn how to write stroke-by-stroke. The paper in the workbook incorporates embedded ink, which means a child just needs to press down with the pen to make a stroke.
To access the pen's reading features, kids simply need to touch the words in specially printed picture books to hear them spoken out aloud. At the entry level, kids can try their hands at building a crawling beetle, a tail-wagging dog, a floating boat and more. It's a great toy to get kids interested in renewable energy sources while training them in hands-on robotic building. On gas pumps and at supermarket checkouts, it seems many of the payment terminals the cards slot into have barely changed in all that time: Their cramped displays and minimalist keypads do nothing but process payments. French company Ingenico sees this as a missed opportunity for retailers, which could be using the ubiquitous terminals to show customers special offers, operate loyalty programs or take orders in a restaurant.
Its new 5000 series of payment terminals swap the classic two-line LCD for a full-color, touch-sensitive 320-by-480-pixel screen.
Behind the terminals' bigger display is a 600MHz ARM Cortex A5 processor with 512MB each of RAM and flash, running a webkit-based HTML5 browser on top of Ingenico's own Linux-based operating system.

The browser is used to run apps from an online store, and it can exchange information with the payment-processing side of the machine. Well, nothing much, say Ingenico's Yannick Menet, product manager for Telium Tetra, the payment terminal OS the company has built around Linux. Web apps and payments run in separate processes with their own access rights and privileges, and can only communicate through a software bus that enforces those rights. Ingenico already has a few proof-of-concept apps particularly suited to mobile payment terminals in its marketplace. Logistics firms can use one to track parcels, scanning barcodes with the camera and collecting customer signatures on the touch-screen. Another app, for restaurants, manages table reservations and takes orders, transmitting them to the kitchen. Some Ingenico partners demonstrated their own HTML5 apps for the 5000-series terminals at Cartes. Izicap, for example, offers a white-label loyalty card and sales promotion program for small businesses, linking customer identities to a payment card rather than a specific store card. Through the payment terminal, retailers can enroll customers in the loyalty scheme, and track their performance and promotions, comparing them with anonymous data from similar Izicap users nearby. In the days before Cartes, Ingenico also ran a hack-a-thon to encourage developers to create apps for the Telium Tetra platform. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
You see that the text alignment (left or right), is automatic depending on recto or verso achieved by the paragraph style using Towards the Spine. The idea of any notes is that it is supplementary information and it is entirely optional that the reader even bothers to look, so setting in a style that does not distract from the flow of the reading experience is important.Footnotes are best numbered with an outdented figure, although (for technical reasons) the numbers are most often aligned to the main text block.
With iPhone-controlled toys, customizable robots and smart toys that aim to teach kids life skills while entertaining them, the latest breed of high-tech toys have a lot to offer. You can take it for a jog, see it swim or glow, race it under furniture, launch it off ramps and even use it as a game controller. Well, the Anki Drive smart cars may not be life size or have all those bells and whistles, but they can sure drive by themselves; they also evolve unique personalities the more they are played with. The inbuilt artificial intelligence keeps the cars on course, letting you maneuver them by tilting the phone. These become permanent facets of the cars personality enabling players to build formidable self-driving race cars over time that race a certain way no matter who plays with them. Part of its ongoing charm is the fact that it can constantly be updated with new stories, jokes, games and songs to keep kids engaged. Now imagine putting them together to create functional robots you can program to do your bidding, after you finish building them. You can control your creations with a remote or from your smart device via Bluetooth, and do things like have the cobra bot strike out by moving your device the same way. The bots also come with pre-written programs that showcase their more advanced capabilities, such as shooting red balls at infrared targets or navigating around obstacles.
They'll just need to attach the reader to the book, and turn to the page they want read, to hear the recording.
It understands voice commands and is smart enough to move through a room or any setting by itself without running into things; a remote control also gives you control if you desire it. The pen instructs kids via a built-in speaker as they trace out letters in the provided workbook and eggs them on with encouraging words, flashing lights and sounds. The pen doesn't write on any other paper or surface apart from the special paper provided in the workbook, which means you don't have to worry about kids using it to scribble on walls. This innovative kit lets you build 14 different robotic creatures and things, all powered by the sun, capable of moving on land or water.
The more advanced (level two) projects take the form of a walking crab, a slithering robot and even a zombie chaser, to name a few. Ingenico showed the terminals at the Cartes secure connections show near Paris this week, and is rolling them out to its first customers. Hardware options include 3G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, and built-in cameras and printers. Apps come from Ingenico's own online marketplace and the code won't run unless signed by Ingenico. The payment level can access card details or the payment kernel, Menet said, but the Web app can't access the card.

The camera also enables customers to report or reject damaged parcels, while the card reader secures payment on delivery. Customers wanting to split the check need only push the appropriate button, and then insert their payment cards in turn. While this simplifies administration, it means it can only track customers' total spend per visit, not what they buy, said CEO Reda El Mejjad -- but that's not necessarily a problem for small retailers and independent restaurants, which want promotions that are simple to manage. Izicap doesn't sell the service directly to retailers, but rather to banks and payment acquirers, who then offer it as a value-added service to their SME clients.
The winner was Arthur Grandgerard with Project Louise, a service allowing stores, bars or restaurants to hire workers by the hour or day and pay them through the terminal.
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Robert Bringhurst doesn't need to bother with those little superscript numbers because the supplementary information is very much nearby for the reader.Still, tradition dictates that in some books, there are footnotes and some there are endnotes (either at the end of the chapter or the end of the book).
Even books and pens, augmented with a little technology can read to kids or coach them to write.
You can play against other people or the AI (which gets other cars to nudge, slam or box you in) or both. The littleBits building blocks are color-coded circuit components that you can attach to each other, and you don't have to know any electronics to create cool stuff with them.
There's also an app with animations to help you with the build process for the five EV3 robots in the set.
Developers assume unlimited liability for the apps they submit, and must package them with all necessary resources and a whitelist of external URLs that they might query over an SSL connection.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Most publishers will favour the numbers to begin again for each chapter, otherwise the numbers could get unweildy (superscript numbers of more than two digits could look ugly). If you're looking to surprise junior with toys that feature a delightful technological twist, Gizmag's top 10 coolest tech toys for kids should give you plenty of ideas. The fun really begins in the battle mode where players get to fire virtual pulse weapons or tractor beams at other cars on screen which disables or slows down the real-life cars. The apps are strictly limited in what they can do through sandboxing, and although the terminal will run JavaScript, it does not allow the injection of downloaded code. Let's face it, book design and usability does not often win-out over commercial considerations.
Where footnotes are long, they can be split across more than one page, although this will compromise the usability somewhat.EndnotesNotes are often placed at the end of the chapter or even at the end of the book (before the index). Lots of space for the text to breath.How I dislike some books that give me less than a centimetre of margin. This approach means that the reader will need to 'hunt down' the note referred to in the text. This usually means that the endnotes will be sectioned by chapter or section.The advantage of endnotes is that the page composition in the vertical plane is not compromised for the sake of the note space.
Ridiculous as this seems, we have seen books with footnotes that take more page space than the main text itself!Sidenotes (sometimes called Margin Notes)Clearly the page layout needs to provide the space in the margins for this to be an option.
In this we can set the way the references are displayed in the text (superscript etc), and how the footnotes appear at the bottom of the page. We need a paragraph style set up for the display of the footnotes themeselves and we can (optionally), use a character style for the reference figure in the text.As you can see from the first example spread the footnote list figure is aligned to the left edge of the text box. You will often see this in the books on your shelves, however, a more attractive arrangement is to 'outdent' these listed figures so that the footnotes are are aligned to the text and the figures are offset from this text box.InDesign does not provide the means to set footnotes outside the text box, so we need to plan for this by indenting all of the text inside the text box by an amount that we then remove from the left margins. You will see from the image provided here that we are using guides to make sure that these items align. The one that I use here is called 'convert footnotes to (dynamic) endnotes' – meaning that the numbering will change if further notes are added.As always when using scripts to change content, save your work first! Scripts will often run through a long sequence of actions; you can always use 'revert' (from the file menu), to get back to the previous. You will see from the image here that the endnotes have their own page(s) with a heading that matches other heading styles. Using these we can control the width and position as the footnotes are converted to side notes.

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