This video demonstrates how to make a homemade paintball gun or Nerf gun.The materials required for it are a coke (soda) plastic bottle, CPVC) (PVC) (copper) valve, scissors, half inch PVC or tubing pump, Teflon tape, hot glue gun tape.
You'll need some materials to make this spud rocket launcher, like PVC pipe, cleaner and pipe cement. In this how to video, learn to make small rocket gun using a cheap plastic toy gun, some PVC piping, misc. Bukullu69 of YouTube found a way to make a bb gun at home, and he is instructing us how to do so.
Kids SHOULD NOT use the darts in this tutorial as the ammunition, you should only use soft things like the cotton head of the ear-cleaner stick! Watch this weapons video tutorial on how to make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun. Whether you're perfecting your ceramic Nativity Scene like Martha Stewart, or plotting an escape, nothing brings out your inner ingenuity like prison.
Air guns aren't that expensive or hard to come by, but for the DIY inclined that doesn't always matter does it? If you're not just a chemistry nerd, but also a firearms freak and explosives nut, then this home brew chemistry concoction is just what you need for some cheap homemade potassium chlorate.
This is a really easy arts and craft project that's a great way for the whole family to get together. Somewhere in between prison tats and a professional tattoo gun, comes the tattoo machine in this how-to video.

For really ornate tattoos, or for artists with limited skill, a transfer can be a life-saver. Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make this homemade weapon, called the spud gun, or spud cannon, or potato cannon, or potato launcher, or spud launcher, or potato gun, etc. You will need a bottle as a combustion chamber and a barbecue igniter as an ignition system.
First, you must get a ballpoint pen, and remove the ink tube, so you get a hallow cylinder.
Trust me, you do not want to be on the business end of this super powerful high payload gun. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an incredibly hi-powered gun or slingshot or airsoft gun. In this post, we've included some of their How-To drawings and examples of recreated prison art. You will need a basic ball point pen, a film canister or medicine bottle, and an assortment of Airsoft pellets (6 mm size pellets work the best). This video will teach you how to make an awesome metal air gun that holds 120+ psi and shoots either ball bearings or blow darts.
It's a mixture of potassium, chlorine and oxygen (KClO3) and is used for such things as gun primers, propellents, and explosives (when mixed with the appropriate fuel). Because this craft project calls for the use of a glue gun, kids should only do this project along with their parents.

You will need a tape deck motor, a stereo fly wheel, a 12 volt charger with different settings, a bobby pin hair clip, a brace, a wide pen, and a screw. First, take an empty medicine bottle with the lid and drill a hole in the bottom of it that's as large as a Crayola marker. This how-to video shows how to transfer the desired image of a tattoo from a piece of paper that is easy to sketch on to the skin where it can then be traced with a tattoo gun. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a homemade pen gun that is super easy to build and will definitely shoot like a pro. Then take a mechanical pencil, and remove the lead tube, leaving you with a hallow cylinder with an eraser on it. Well, this video tutorial will show you how you can build your very own Wii gun for about three dollars! The first shows the process of making the homemade tattoo gun, taking you step-by-step through the process.

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