Through international conferences Carole Franck of Paris has discovered a method of semi-permanent make-up for the eyebrows and for reconstructing the lips, using the technique of artists of ancient China, which has been adapted to guide modern tastes and the complexion of European women. This method, applied exclusively of Carole Franck beauty specialists, can be used to correct the shape and color of certain features, in particular the eyebrows, eye liner and lips.
The difference between Semi-Permanent make-up and Permanent make-up is that Permanent Make-up is permanent.
About Carole Franck Spa The original urban Day Spa, Carole Frank Spa first opened in 1984, redefining and elevating the spa experience to a new art form. Apparently, it's not too hard to rig up a DIY tattoo machine if you have nine-volt batteries, a pen, a toothbrush, a needle, masking tape, parts from a DVD player, and a little ingenuity. They document assembling and using the gun in their new short film dubbed Prison Tattoo, which takes them all over New York, from a convenience store to garbage cans and finally to Tompkins Square Park, where Campbell gives a friend a real tattoo using the contraption. Wooooow, I would never use that on myself (if I was ever planing on getting a tattoo) or wouldn't recommend it either, I'd be afraid of catching an infection! Apparently, the chances of you getting hit by lightning at least once in a lifetime are only 1 in 3,000…yikes.
Turns out, this phenomenon is not unheard of by these seven people who live to tell the tale.

If the electrical current passes through the brain, it can cause a coma or explode the brain. These Office Workers Decided To Cut Loose From The Rat Race, So They Expressed Their Freedom.
This Girl Has A Special Talent No One Has Heard Before…When She Opens Her Mouth You Will Be Astonished. Although we offer both Permanent and Semi Permanent Make-up, Semi-permanent is recomended, because with the Semi-permanent you can change the style every three to four years, with the fashion looks always changing your tattoo will never be permanent. It's pretty fascinating to watch, and also disquieting to think about people making these for themselves.
This man, Tony Cicoria was an orthopedic doctor who got struck by lightning one night, and instead of dying like a normal person, he all of a sudden NEEDED to play the piano.
Did you know that if you get struck by lighting, you can sometimes get these awesome-looking scars that will make you look like a Sci-Fi character?
This guy, Adam Campbell, is a Canadian runner who ran the Hardrock 100 trail race, but at the highest peak, he got struck by lightning.
This woman was struck by lighting while she was pregnant with Kimberly Gordon which is unheard of.

Still, these people are remarkable – like the guy who could hear and see again after being struck?
My boyfriend's tattoo looks better than a lot of artwork I've seen people got from legit shops.
Before the strike, he had never been interested in music, but now he is a professional concert player who composes his own beautiful songs and performs all of the U.S. The girl’s hair stands straight up on its own, as if someone had just rubbed a balloon against her head. But after he got struck by lighting, Edwin amazingly regained his sight and could hear perfectly without his hearing aid!
I wonder what Mr.Campbell used for ink since they use stuff like chess pieces in prison since you obviously can't use pen ink.

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