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Are you thinking of getting a full sleeve tattoo soon and don't know what design and theme to follow? Rocking that TattooDavid Beckham is one of the most famous celebrities to sport full sleeve tattoos that run from the shoulder to the wrist on both his arms.There probably isn't much else that talks about the commitment that one might have for tattooing, quite like getting a full sleeve tattoo for all the world to see.
Sleeve tattoo design covers from the upper part of the shoulder down to the elbow (simply marginally more than a short-sleeved shirt). Unfortunately, as these hilarious pictures prove, many tattooists did not bother doing a spell check before inking their hapless clients.
Here, we will give you some great ideas and themes to base your tattoo on, which is sure to turn heads everywhere. Quarter, three-quarter, and full sleeve tattoo design are additionally getting to be more expected. One man's 'awsome' tattoo was sadly less awesome than he intended when a crucial letter was missed out.

While arms are one of the most popular parts of the body to get a tattoo on, a full sleeve tattoo pretty much goes all out. A full sleeve tattoo wraps the arm from shoulder to the wrist, a quarter sleeve tattoo is placed between the elbow and wrist, and a half sleeve tattoo is inked between the shoulder and the elbow.
Here, we will take you through some designs that you can use to etch yourself a full sleeve tattoo, as well as draw inspiration from them.The Varied Designs and ThemesA full sleeve tattoo can be one huge tattoo, consisting of a single design, or it could be a series of designs that are placed together to cover the entire arm. Go through the following designs to get an idea of the kind of tattoo that you can get for yourself.Flame TattooIf the given flame design is anything to go by, you can be rest assured that your tattoo will be all about making-heads-turn-to-get-a-glance. Add to that the artistically mixed colors of yellow and blue and you have yourself a winner. Fire is a strong element to choose, which is why, many people experiment with varied flame sleeve tattoo designs. Some may use simple flames through the length of their arm(s), while others may choose to combine 2, or even 3 factors.
Other than a single element, you can also choose popular designs like skulls, nautical star, phoenix, or a heart and combine them with flames to make your own unique design.Fairytale TattoosThe fairytale tattoo theme opens a whole lot of possibilities and takes you on a journey that is a part of your childhood. In a way, these tales hold a special place in our hearts because they take us back to a time of innocence, to a place that was not speckled with responsibilities and being an adult.
There's so much that you can do with this theme alone, and when combined with as large a canvas as a full sleeve tattoo, imagine the varied themes that you can combine and use.Floral TattoosFloral sleeve tattoos are some of the most vibrantly-colorful tattoos you will ever find.
There are varied elements of the flowers that can be combined into the main tattoo, like the branches and the leaves.

Many people make use of a flower, keeping it in main focus and then use different elements around it to complement it. While many limit the theme to everything that is flowers, others also combine other, starkly different elements with the theme of flowers like birds, skulls, and hearts.Goth TattoosGoth is stripping of the cover of the seemingly innocent and portraying something in its rawest form.
There are many people who draw from this theme because it allows them an expression of the angst and anger and allows them to shock the world into being alert.
If one looks at these goth designs, you will notice that these could be anything and everything. Now these are designs that are bound to get some heads turning.Japanese and Chinese TattoosOne can draw some inspiration from the different cultures around the world and draw up some amazing designs.
While these elements can be used individually and by themselves, when used in combination, they can make for some of the most engaging and enthralling designs.Full sleeved tattoos usually require many sessions to complete because of the wide area that they use.
Many people prefer all black designs for their tattoos, though, the popular choice to make is colored tattoos.
Now that you have an idea of the kind of designs and themes that you can use for these tattoos, it should help you decide what you want.

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