Living in an apartment provides you with the unique opportunity to decorate your space using outside the box thinking. Wall decals are a popular choice for apartment dwellers because of the variety in designs and ease in removal. If you are stuck with distasteful backsplash, apply your favorite tile tattoo design to dress up and transform your plain and sterile tiles into something more personable and welcoming. Use removable adhesive shelf paper in your drawers to add detailing that will pleasantly surprise anyone who opens your drawers. Temporary decorating solutions are perfect for renters because they require little commitment and are often difficult to detect any changes when removed.

Tips & Ask a QuestionThe apartment experts are here to help answer your various apartment searching questions! Temporary decorating solutions allow you to change your mind many times without breaking the bank.
Try using blackboard decals or create your own DIY fabric wall decals that are budget friendly, easy to make and will not leave marks on your wall.
Regardless, it is wise to check your rental agreement or contract to review guidelines on apartment decor or call and ask before beginning any project.
Perhaps you’re looking for more specific information about leases, moving locations, or anything in between.

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