Hopscotch is an iPad game making app using a visual programming language based on the Scratch programming tool. This app is still being developed so expect additional functionality to be added in the future.
Knowledge of food and nutrition is increasingly important as levels of obesity rise, especially within children. In case you guys haven’t realized it, one of the biggest games of the year has launched. The app allows you to manage your clan for clan wars, including finding opponents to face, looking at your clan war history and viewing information about upcoming wars.
Google is looking for a few good men and women in Arizona to help test their self-driving cars.
We’re finally getting our first clear, unobstructed look at what is allegedly the upcoming OnePlus 3.
In a recent update, Google made it impossible to block any phone numbers for 48 hours after you make a call to an emergency number like 911. Samsung Taiwan invited professional photographer, Theerasak Saksritawee, to showcase how great the camera is within the Galaxy S7 Edge and show off the beauty of Taiwan. The objective of this section is to review a sampling of the common tools and techniques available to complete GIS project management tasks. As a project manager, you will find that there are many tools and techniques that will assist your efforts. One of the most difficult and dread-inducing components of project management for many is the need to oversee a large and diverse group of team members. The Gantt chart (named after its creator, Henry Gantt) is a bar chart that is used specifically for tracking tasks throughout the project lifecycle. PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) charts are similar to Gantt charts in that they are both used to coordinate task completion for a given project (Figure 10.3 "PERT Chart"). While a GIS commands a large swath of the computer-generated mapping market share, it is not the only cartographic player in town. For example, if a development project impacts a natural watercourse in the state of California, agencies such as the US Army Corps of Engineers (a nationwide government agency), California Department of Fish and Game (a statewide government agency), and the Regional Water Quality Control Board (a local government agency) will each exert some regulatory requirements over the developer. As project manager, it will be your team’s duty to import the CAD data (typically DWG, DGN, or DXF file format) and align it exactly with the other, georeferenced GIS data layers. As project manager, you may discover that the GIS software package employed by your workgroup is missing some basic functionality that would greatly enhance the productivity of your team.
Some of the more simple applications can be created by using the canned tool sets and functionality provided in the GIS software.
While you may want to create a GIS application from the ground up to meet your project needs, there are many that have already been developed. While the C-based applications and libraries noted earlier are common due to their extensive time in development, newer language families are supported as well. Project managers must be mindful of the transition from in-program mapped units to real-world locations. When surveyors measure the angles and distances of features on the earth for input into a GIS, they are taking “ground” measurements. In the case of distances, two sources of error may be present: (1) scale error and (2) elevation error.
In addition to scale error, elevation error becomes increasingly pronounced as the project site’s elevation begins to rise. In addition to EF and SF errors, care must be taken when surveying areas greater than 5 miles in length. While the tools and techniques outlined in this section may be considered beyond the scope of an introductory text on GISs, these pages represent some of the concerns that will arise during your tenure as a GIS project manager.
As project manager, you will need to utilize a wide variety of tools and techniques to complete your GIS project. The tools and techniques you employ will not necessarily be included as a part of your native GIS software package.
Consider the following GIS project: You are contacted by the City of Miami to determine the effect of inundation due to sea-level rise on municipal properties over the next hundred years. Since it’s a new brand, it’s totally justified to question its after sales support network before parting with 21,999 INR.
25 service centers aren’t much for catering to entire nation, but OnePlus assures it will be further strengthening its after sales support network in India. When OnePlus is ready with its Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM sometime in February 2015, users can approach these service centers to get the new build flash on their smartphones as Cyanogen won’t be providing any more updates for Indian variant.
There was a time, back in the day, when there weren’t as many televisions as we have now. A new report from Strategy Analytics sheds further light on the state of the smartphone business in the fourth quarter last year, confirming once again the profound effect the iPhone 6 had on the industry. A previous report from Strategy Analytics revealed that 380 million smartphones were sold during the Christmas quarter last year, 74.5 million of which were iPhones, including a large number of iPhone 6 models. Virtually the same numbers for the period were stated in an IDC report, which said 377.5 million handsets were sold in Q4 2014, with the company also revealing market share for the various operating systems currently available to mobile device buyers.
Strategy Analytics’ press release on smartphone profits, and a graphic showing the huge discrepancy between iOS and Android, are available below. Boston, MA – February 26, 2015 – According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smartphone operating profit reached US$21 billion in Q4 2014. Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, added, “Apple iOS continues to tighten its grip on the smartphone industry.
Well,we all know Delhi is a city of amusements and thus while you are here don’t let yourself get confused and waste your precious time. Our country is full of amazing natural phenomena and mysteries which have left us all confused time and again.
This strange event took place in Kerala between the 25th of July and 23rd of September, 2001.
Known as the disappearing beach, Chandipur beach in Odisha is unique in the sense that the water level recedes to almost 5 kilometers during low tide and hits the surface of the shore back during high tides.
Krishna’s Butterball is a tourist attraction in Mahabalipuram, a town well-known for its stone carvings.
Aleya (or marsh ghost light) is the name given to this unexplained phenomenon over the marshes, often spotted by the fishermen of West Bengal and Bangladesh.
Legend has it that King of Kanauj, Raja Jasdhaval, with his pregnant wife Rani Balampa, servants, dance troupe and others went on a pilgrimage to the Nanda Devi shrine near the lake.
The simplified police verification system seeks to resolve issues raised from time to time regarding prior police verification and consequent delay in issuance of passports. If you are a new user, click on ‘register now’ link and fill in details like your ‘passport kendra’, date of birth, and email id.
If you are applying for passport for the first time, click on ‘Apply for Fresh Passport’ link.
After completing the process, click on Application Receipt link to get the printout, which will contain application reference number and appointment number.
Modifying iOS can feel like an uphill battle most of the time, unless, of course, you happen to be jailbroken. The app itself isn’t an App Store entry, rather a Web app that gives you license to get a bit creative with the layout of your home screen.
As the examples show, you could gave the famed Big Ben landmark showing iOS’s very own active clock face, or manipulate the layout to appear as though you’re rocking active widgets. It’s designed only for the iPhone 5 and up, so your hardware will need to be relatively new, but if you can meet this prerequisite, then simply point your browser over to Makeovr.io to get up and running. It does exactly what it says on the tin in that it offers you a refreshing makeover, and while we’re massive fans of jailbreaking here, this is a viable alternative for those who do not share our passion. As aforementioned, there’s nothing to download, simply head on over to the site, and in no time, you’ll be building home screens that stand out from the crowd.
We’d love to know how you get on with Makeovr, so be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments, and if you do manage to produce something spectacular, share the masterpiece with us! We’ll keep you updated with any more useful tweaks for iOS, whether jailbreak-dependent or otherwise, so stay tuned for more! You might want to avoid the pool during peak hours when it’s packed with people who do everything but swim. Created in the 1990s as a dance fitness regimen, it fuses hip hop, aerobics and western dance elements to create a hardcore workout that focuses on every part of the body. Do note that to avoid any injuries, apply the thrust on your toes rather than your heels and pump your arms to maintain balance. Another great work out for the leg muscles and that’s why you will find cycling machines at gyms. Whether its Karate, Taekwondo or Thai Kickboxing, these martial arts are great for full body workouts with stretches, squats, cardio and push ups.
Choose a sport you really love, whether it’s cricket, football, tennis, squash or basketball, and stick to it.
All of us have been in that position in life when there is nothing available to sustain us.
A coffee mug, two eggs, milk and salt is all you need to make amazingly fluffy scrambled eggs. Indians can live without most things, but it is impossible to not have Aloo bhujia lying around.
If you are one of the lucky kinds who along with curd and chutney have mathri lying about, you are truly lucky! So you have nothing but bread and pudine ki chutney leftover from the samose you had the day before?
NEW DELHI: Railway minister Suresh Prabhu said on Thursday that the interests of the passengers will be of foremost importance to the government. NEW DELHI: From May 3, you can retain your trusted mobile number even when you shift cities.
Telecom regulator Trai(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) approved amendments to the MNP Regulations, 2009, in order to give a go-ahead to the much-awaited measure, giving a cheer to subscribers.
Trai said that in case a post-paid subscriber who has ported his number defaults in the payment of his previous bill, the old operator has to raise it within 30 days from the due date.

NEW DELHI: After testing the feature with select users, it appears mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now rolling out the much awaited internet calling functionality to a wider set of people. Earlier on Friday, a number of users of WhatsApp’s Android app were able to get the voice calling feature activated by simply receiving a call from a user who had the service turned on.
We were able to get the voice calling feature activated on our Android phone after receiving a WhatsApp call. After activation of the feature, WhatsApp’s user interface changes to feature separate screens for dialing a voice call to WhatsApp contacts, call logs and ongoing calls. It’s worth pointing out that WhatsApp has not officially announced the rollout of the feature yet. The voice calling feature will bring WhatsApp in direct clash with apps like WeChat, Viber and Line that already allow users to make calls and send messages.
Now we all know how nerve wracking it can be waiting for approval from the embassy to visit a place like the the United States. Options to choose from indulging your shopping side to exploring the numerous caves and islands, wading in the clearest blue water, it’s all as easy as a visa on arrival makes it. Tips, web design book reviews, resources and observations for teaching and learning web development. About a year later, Naomi completed her first game and is now the one helping newbie coders. More than just a finished game that works on iOS and Android, it was a Top Game Pick on Nook and she was getting offers of marketing money backing. I was fascinated by Naomi’s story of how she learned with the help of a supportive community and wanted to know more about her background.
Real estate wasn’t my thing, so I began translating for TV and film productions, and I wound up coordinating international film productions.
Around the same time, I partnered with my husband to form LavaMind. My husband did all the coding on our first games, while I did the graphics, sound and helped manage the business. After this, I wanted to work from home again, but I couldn’t justify hiring an engineer.
Q: It sounds like you did this single-handedly with just help from the online forums at Corona Labs. Other moms who have a great idea for a game but need help with learning how to make it a reality may want to check out the community forums at Corona Labs that helped Naomi so much.
If you want to build an app from the ground up, and you aren’t a computer programmer, where do you start? The resources suggested by that community are listed in the article, with Corona among other helpful sites named by mom app developers. For someone with an idea and an interest, making a popular game that can be sold in the mobile marketplace is definitely possible.
This entry was posted in Apps, blogging, BlogHer, Internet, web-education, women by vdebolt.
That game is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and it’s playable right now for folks who pre-ordered the digital download. The app also features an emblem editor so you can customize your chat’s emblem without having to be in front of the console.
Not the most comprehensive set of features ever, but should you and your clan look to get serious on the latest release of Call of Duty then it wouldn’t be a bad app to have loaded onto your phone or tablet.
The phone looks eerily similar to a flagship line from another Android manufacturer… Can you guess who?
What could they possibly have on these huge names of the tech industry to slap all of them in the face with legal papers? The next time Google pushed out an Android update, just download it from the site and flash it using adb rather than waiting around.
Additionally, Gantt charts show the dependencies of interrelated tasks and focus on the start and completion dates for each specific task. PERT charts focus more on the events of a project than on the start and completion dates as seen with the Gantt charts. Gantt charts are preferred when working with small, linear projects (with less than thirty or so tasks, each of which occurs sequentially). For example, the time to completion for each individual task is not as clear as it is with the Gantt chart.
For example, creating a cadastral mapA cadastral map shows the boundaries and ownership of land parcel. Therefore, local coordinate systems are typically employed by the civil engineer whereby the origin coordinate (the 0, 0 point) is based off of some nearby landmark such as a manhole, fire hydrant, stake, or some other survey control point. These agencies will want to know where the watercourse originates, where it flows to, where within the length of the watercourse the development project occurs, and what percentage of the watercourse will be impacted. While this has not been an easy task historically, sophisticated tools are being developed by both CAD and GIS software packages to ensure that they “play nicely” with each other.
For example, ESRI’s ArcGIS software package includes a macro language called Model Builder that allows users with no knowledge of programming languages create a series of automated tasks, also called workflows, which can be chained together and executed multiple times to reduce the redundancy associated with many types of GIS analyses.
These pre-written applications, many of which are open source, may be employed by your project team to reduce the time, money, and headache associated with such an effort. Many of them incorporate open-source shared libraries that perform functions such as format support, geoprocessing, and reprojection of coordinate systems.
These maps will typically include standard information such as a title, north arrow, scale bar, corporate contact information, data source, and so forth. A map series is essentially a multipage document created by dividing the overall data frame into unique tiles based on a user-defined index gridA polygon outline showing the location and extent of each map in the series.. As discussed in Chapter 3 "Data, Information, and Where to Find Them", Chapter 3, Section 2 "Data about Data", transforming the three-dimensional earth to two dimensions necessarily results in both accuracy and precision errors.
However, spatial datasets in a GIS are based on a predefined coordinate system, referred to as “grid” measurements. Consider Figure 10.8 "Grid versus Ground Measurements", where a line measured as 1,000 feet at altitude must first be scaled down to fit the earth’s ellipsoid measurement, then scaled again to fit the coordinate system’s grid plane. At these distances, slight errors will begin to compound and may create noticeable discrepancies.
Although you will not need a comprehensive understanding of these issues for your first GIS-related jobs, it is important that you understand that becoming a competent GIS user will require a wide-ranging skill set, both technically and interpersonally. Assuming that the sea level will rise one meter during that time span, describe in detail the process you would take to respond to this inquiry. The company has opened 25 service centers in major cities spread across 14 states in India.
Those with a service center near to their place will have an advantage and can readily go ahead and buy a OnePlus One (provided you have an invite).
Dhoni played a powerful straight drive, when Johnson tried to stop it while putting his foot in between but withdrew. India vs Pakistan, World Cup 2015 – The middle order of Pakistan had just collapsed with three wickets falling in quick succession. The analytics company revealed that during Q4 2014, Android only managed to capture 11% of the global smartphone profit share, a record-low for Google’s ecosystem, while Apple took home a record-high 89% of all smartphone profits. Meanwhile, both Google and Facebook are trying to bring billions more potential customers online, for different reasons.
The Android operating system captured a record-low 11 percent global smartphone profit share during the quarter. Android hardware vendors combined took a record-low 11 percent global smartphone profit share, down from 29 percent one year ago.
It is believed that the light is some kind of marsh gas apparition that confuse the fishermen, making them chase the light.
Located in the Indian Botanical Gardens of Kolkata, this tree is more than 250 years old and covers an area of about 1.5 hectares with about 2880 prop roots. Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, this glacial lake is famous for human skeletons found in and around the lake, dating all the way back to around the 9th century AD.
It was on this trip that the group faced a hail storm, where the hail was the size of cricket balls, killing each and every one of them. In the new format, the applicant would apply online; he or she needs only to attach the Aadhaar card as the sole address and identity proof. After submitting the form you will be required to make online payment through your credit card, debit card, or internet banking.
For various reasons, many don’t like to jailbreak their devices, but every so often, the App Store comes up trumps with an app that feels a bit like a jailbreak tweak. It’s quite a novel idea, to be honest, using faux icons which can mock up your own home screen as it will appear once you’ve downloaded it. It’s not quite as good as actually jailbreaking, since nothing is technically active, but if you want to stick with stock, this is a neat, free option for spicing up your iOS experience. Twist, twirl and maneuver yourself to stretches and poses as you work out your core and release that stress. Running on the stairs are a sure sign of muscle development around the legs and guess what – you can burn up to 422 calories in half an hour.
This exercise can be quite exhausting but don’t worry about taking a break or intervals in between.
These videos are specially designed to have high and low intensity exercises in succession to induce an efficient burn of calories. It’s perfect to meet other people who share the same passion, and kindle some competitive spirit in your soul. Some of us have had to face the wrath of the messy food of mess while others have had to face their own messy skills as a cook. Add to that cheese, tomatoes, chillies and whatever veggies you can manage and we get this wonderful pizza.
Just whisk everything together and microwave for three minutes (or lesss, be very careful because you don’t want the egg to explode) and voila! Toasted bread pan fried with Indian spices and whatever vegetables are available make this a healthy and a mouthwatering dish! All you need is lots of monaco biscuits and mayo or any cheese dip “(could also use yogurt). The new operator will raise this bill on the subscriber and if the payment is not made within a period of 15 days, the outgoing will be de-barred.

This meant that initial testers were able to extend it to their friends who further helped other WhatsApp users join the club.
Although, we were able to make voice calls to other Android and BlackBerry 10 users with the latest version of the app, the feature was not being activated for all users.
WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app in the world, with 700 million active users in January 2015.
After spending all that money and pinning all your hopes, a simple no can ruin all your plans and totally rain on your parade. With the number of Indian tourists there increasing every year, it’s an undeniably fun place to visit.
It’s so expensive in San Francisco and games are risky business, so I began to teach myself to code. As such, Activision has released a companion app for the game that should help you manage your soldier while away from the virtual battlefield.
Others are mere concepts that managers must be mindful of when overseeing large projects with a multitude of tasks, team members, clients, and end-users. To achieve this, there are several tools available to track project schedules and goal completions.
Gantt charts will typically represent the estimated task completion time in one color and the actual time to completion in a second color (Figure 10.2 "Gantt Chart"). This methodology is more often used with very large projects where adherence to strict time guidelines is more important than monetary considerations.
Larger projects (1) will not fit onto a single Gantt display, making them more difficult to visualize, and (2) quickly become too complex for the information therein to be related effectively.
Computer-aided design (CAD), on the other hand, is a graphics-based mapping solution adopted by many cartographers; engineers in particular. While this is acceptable for engineers, the GIS user typically is concerned not only with local phenomena but also with tying the project into a larger world.
These concerns can only be addressed by looking at the project in the larger context of the surrounding watershed(s) within which the project occurs. For example, ESRI’s ArcGIS software package contains a “Georeferencing” toolbar that allows users to shift, pan, resize, rotate, and add control points to assist in the realignment of CAD data. GIS applications are either stand-alone GIS software packages or customizations of a preexisting GIS software package that are made to meet some specific project need. The more complex applications will most likely require the use of the GIS software’s native macro language or to write original code using some compatible programming language. A sampling of the open-source GIS applications written for the C-family of programming languages are as follows (Ramsey 2007):Ramsey, P. This is simple if the site is small enough that the pertinent mapped features can be resolved on a single map.
Figure 10.5 "Project Site Tiled into an Output Series" shows an example of a map series that divides a project site into a grid of similar tiles. While projects that cover a small areal extent may not noticeably suffer from this error, projects that cover a large areal extent could run into substantial problems. In the case of angles, ground measurements are taken relative to some north standard such as true north, grid north, or magnetic north.
Basically, scale error is associated with the move from three to two dimensions and is remedied by applying a scale factor (SF) to any measurements made to the dataset. Assuming you have two months to complete this task, develop a timeline that shows the steps you would take to respond to the city’s request.
While the radio commentary remains, the popularity has definitely gone down, since people prefer listening to Honey Singh over listening to cricket. The superlative central arched hall is almost 50 meters long and about three stories high without any pillars or beams! The skeletons are clearly visible in the clear water of the shallow lake for a month, when the ice melts. The applicant will get the appointment within three days and in another seven days, the passport will be processed and dispatched.
The utility we’re featuring here today falls right into this category, allowing you to create some very cool home screens without consulting the likes of Pangu or TaiG, and if you’re interested, you can check the details after the jump!
Overall it’s just fun without you worrying about what workout routine you should follow and which part of your body you should focus on on a particular day.
It’s possible that WhatsApp may have set a limit to the number of users one could invite or is only allowing a limited set of users at this time to test its networks. The active call screen sports buttons for turning on the loudspeaker, switching to the chat window and for muting the call. There are a whole bunch of places abroad however, where you don’t need to bother about your visa whatsoever, thanks to a little blessing known as Visa On Arrival, which you can sort out on the plane to your dreamy oceanic abode. So we did two more business simulation games: one called Zapitalism, and another called Profitania. This section outlines a sampling of these tools and techniques, although their implementation is dependent on the individual project, scope, and requirements that arise therein.
This color coding allows project members to rapidly assess the project progress and identify areas of concern in a timely fashion.
Gantt charts can also be problematic because they require a strong sense of the entire project’s timing before the first task has even been committed to the page. Because neither method is perfect, project managers will often use Gantt and PERT charts simultaneously to incorporate the benefits of each methodology into their project. Historically speaking, points, lines, and polygons in a CAD system do not link to attributes but are mere drawings representing some reality. An error of inches, in either the vertical or horizontal dimension, could result in a need for a major plan redesign that may cost the client an inordinate amount of time and money. To return to the example of ESRI products, ArcGIS provides the ability to develop and incorporate user-written programs, called scripts, into to standard platform.
Figure 10.6 "Output from a Map Series" shows the standardized maps produced when that series is printed.
The SF and EF are often combined into a single combination factor (CF) that is automatically applied to any measurements taken from the GIS. In your discussion, include information pertaining to the data layers (both raster and vector), data sources, and data attributes needed to address the problem.
Standing at a height of 11,000 ft above sea level in gorgeous Ladakh, the Magnetic Hill is known to possess strong magnetic properties which have the strength to pull cars uphill.
It was a foggy day and when the mist finally lifted, residents were bemused to find fish on the roads and their rooftops. Yet, somehow, this massive piece of rock doesn’t seem to move, defying all laws of physics. Legend has it that these strange lights are, in fact, ghost lights representing the ghosts of fishermen who’ve lost their lives fishing in the region.
To make the chores even more worth it, twist from right to left while mopping, rather than using your hands.
I had so many jobs where I had to be in an office and rush around to meetings, which is difficult when you have two boys. Although these topics could be sprinkled throughout the preceding chapters, they are not concepts whose mastery is typically required of entry-level GIS analysts or technicians. After estimating the best- and worst-case scenario regarding the time to finish all tasks, the critical path outlines the sequence of events that results in the longest potential duration for the project.
CAD software, however, has recently begun to incorporate “smart” features whereby attribute information is explicitly linked to the spatial representations. Too many of these types of errors, and you and your engineer may soon be looking for a new job. These datasets will normally be georeferenced to some global standard and therefore will not automatically overlay with the engineer’s local CAD data. These scripts can be written in the Python, VBScript, JScript, and Perl programming languages. In these cases, the manager will need to create a series of easily referenced and reproduced maps that are at the exact same scale, have minimal overlap, and maintain consistent collar material throughout. While these maps can certainly be created without the use of a map series generator, this functionality greatly assists in the organization and display of project’s whose extents cannot be represented within a single map.
Therefore, grid north and ground north may well need to be rotated in order to align correctly.
Outline some of the geoprocessing steps that would be required to convert your baseline GIS data into project-specific layers that would address this particular problem. However, a study done by the Government Of India later revealed that the rain had been coloured by airborne spores from a locally prolific terrestrial algae. Tourists are often spotted posing, holding the rock from the other end to make themselves look super human. Since you’ll be bending and sitting on your haunches, why not do some quick squats as well as stretching on all fours? Rather, they constitute a suite of skills and techniques that are often applied to a project after the basic GIS work has been completed. Delays to any of the critical path tasks will result in a net delay to project completion and therefore must be closely monitored by the project manager.
Finally, any change to the scheduling of the tasks in a Gantt chart results in having to recreate the entire schedule, which can be a time-consuming and mind-numbing experience. Upon completion of the geospatial analysis, how might you employ cartographic principals to most effectively present the data to city officials? However, there are a few who do it with as much panache as the cover drive on the pitch itself. In this sense, this section is used as a platform on which to present novice GIS users with a sense of future pathways they may be led down, as well as providing hints to other potential areas of study that will complement their nascent GIS knowledge base. Talk about potential problems that may arise during the analysis and discuss how you might go about addressing these issues.

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