Marine Corps To Update Its Tattoo Policy After Review - The results of an internal review of the Corps' tattoo policy may be pushed out to Marines as early as this month, the top enlisted Marine said Aug. The Marine Corps' New Tattoo Policy Is Weeks Away - The Marine Corps' new tattoo policy is weeks away Updates will address size, placement and potential career ramifications, Marine Corps Times has learned. Is The Marine Corps Tattoo Policy Sexist?The SITREP - Is the Marine Corps Tattoo Policy The SITREP Military BlogThe SITREP Military Blog() and that individualism or deviance is frowned upon in the Marine Corps, .
If you relate marine corps with tattoo designs, the first one that comes to your mins is probably the image of anchor.
Those words can be written across Marines back or circling the arm with a scroll or along with American flag.
Lucien Lewis, a career planner with Headquarters Marine Corps, poses to show the tattoos on his arms. As we all know Marines are held to highest standards possible in order to maintain a professional demeanor and .

According to a 2010 story, “In addition to the already prohibited head and neck, Marines cannot get tattoos or . One of the most popular logos is a bulldog.  Bulldog can be considered as the mascot of the marines. Whatever the design you choose, make sure that you choose those with the meaning that you would like to present.
Other designs that you will find on marine corps tattoos are animals like Bulldogs and Eagles. We would like to say thank you if you share this Marine Sniper Corps Tattoo Design to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts.
As we all know, marine corps mostly consist of tough men whose job is to protect the country. Not only that, they also have the motto in Latin “ Semper Fidelis” which means “Always Faithful”.

The Bulldogs design is chosen because when marine corps are recruited, they are often seen as devil dogs. If you are interested with marine corps tattoos, you can choose some Marine Corps Tattoos Designs that will be discussed further in this article. As for eagle, it’s the animal that is perceived as the important animal for this country and so is for marine corps.

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