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HALCON 10 Machine Vision Imaging Software from MVTec is used to inspect production lines and ensure consistent product quality. MVTec is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of standard machine vision software and this collaboration with NVIDIA will ensure continued innovation to meet customers' ever increasing demands for higher operational efficiency and product consistency. HALCON offers an outstanding amount of 3D vision methods - making it the only software you need for your application.

Through its use of NVIDIA GPUs, key machine vision functions in HALCON 10 are accelerated by up to 30 times. HALCON 10 further strengthens your 3D vision power with new methods, such as the uniquely robust surface-based 3D matching. After looking at each three-dimensional geometric shape your child will need determine which two-dimensional shape it matches with, and then draw that shape inside the box provided. Furthermore, HALCON's new multi-view stereo enables you to use an unlimited number of cameras for 3D reconstruction. To complete this worksheet your child will need to use his spatial perception to determine the two-dimensional expression of a three-dimensional object.

Moreover, version 10 further improves HALCON's comprehensive calibration technology and introduces multi-view 3D calibration for any number of cameras.

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