For many couples, married or in a relationship, getting matching tattoos is a sign of everlasting love and commitment. To that, we'd like to say that although tattoos are a serious commitment in itself, a matching tattoo takes it a few steps further. Couples either married or in a committed relationships are often interested in getting matching tattoos to express their love for one another. Of course, there are many, many couples who have chosen tattoos as a medium to do so, and now, you too wish to join them. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a few design ideas for you choose from, or find inspiration in.

These can be anything like phrases, quotes, designs of heart, lock and key, yin and yang, sun and moon, animals, birds, or any other concept. Basically, one part of the design with be on the guy, and the other one on the girl.Connecting Heart TattoosWhat can express love better than a heart!
For example, the girl can get an arrow struck heart and the guy can get a cupid; with the tattoo appearing as one when both designs are put together. Hearts with each others names engraved in, on, or around it is also a popular idea.Tattoo LetteringTattoo lettering is another popular design. Most of the couples who wish to get matching tattoos but do not wish to do show it off, generally opt for these tattoos.

Kanji symbols of love are one of the best choices in this category, as only the couple who gets it done know the meaning of those words.
Besides Kanji, Japanese lettering can also be done.Lock and Key TattoosThough lock and key are not exactly matching tattoos, they are still one of the cute tattoos for couples. Instead of a lock, you can opt for a heart, which will make literal the translation of the symbols, 'you are the key to my heart'!

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