Other designs that are very beautiful illustrate the human hands in the act of using the rosary. Finally, many have their rosary tattoos designed as if the rosary is laying on a flat surface.  The rosary is illustrated with the strand of beads crossed over it and looped. Placement of rosary tattoos is around the neck, ankle, shoulder back, and abdomen area.  Coloring for rosary tattoos is pretty minimal due to the detail work in some designs. If you are looking for an outlandish tattoo design with a religious or spiritual connotation, opt for a nice praying hands tattoo design that will perfectly suit your tastes. The praying tattoo ideas presented above will surely go a long way to enhance your overall appearance.
Anyways, I decided that celebrity world could become a nice source of tattoo examples, and I came up with the top five celeb tattoos that I find cute, lovely, original and ones I won’t be ashamed of when I turn 80. Madonna appeared in a scout uniform while fighting for gay rights in New York City at the 24th annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Awards. We have two amazing news to comment today, one is about the newly elected pope and the second is - celebrities recent tweets, either about the pope and about their everyday life as well! Miranda Kerr's carries her son Flynn on Monday, puts her picture naked on Instagram and jokes about sunglasses. The Brit Awards 2013 went with a glam as usual gathering celebs from Britain and across the pond to honor the winners in various music categories. Miranda Kerr’s real Monday passed like a Monday of supermodel, super momma and a social networker. Hottest Celebrity Beach Bodies 2012Hollywood female celebs are really keen to show off their sexy curves on the beaches.

Jessica Simpson got her big and pretty unexpected Christmas present four weeks prior to Xmas - she's expecting once again! As Kristen Stewart is keeping silence since her very public apology, fellow actress Laura McDonald decided kinda help her. I can’t stop being surprised by Kristen Stewart's ultra-glam image for Vanity Fair July 2012 issue! The cross tattoo designs presented here are some of the most widely used as they all speak deeply to the people carrying them. One should be respectful in designing rosary tattoos because they hold great significance to those of the Catholic faith and several other versions of the Catholic faith. If you interested in this type of design be sure to talk with your tattoo artist about the layout and format of the real rosary or bring one with you so they understand that there is a pattern to the bead sizes for a reason and that’s important to you. It is usually draped through the hands or the fingers are actually on the beads.  Many of the rosary tattoos of this type are inked in black and shaded due to the amount of detail in these rosary tattoos. Praying has been a sacred practice in all religions, and sporting a praying hands tattoo can be a good way of expressing one’s religious beliefs. It took her almost a year to decide to have it and looks like it’s gonna take her another year to find the right tattoo.
And though most of them are made in the form of word expressions, this one definitely stands out. Angelina Jolie is a powerful person in Hollywood and a half of the Hollywood’s most powerful couple. Learn who will present and perform as well as get a look at the nominations if you haven't.

Adele won another Skyfall accolade, while the best album of the year has gone to British Female Solo Artist award winner Emeli Sande.
Not only that, you are not required to be an ardent follower of any particular religion to sport one in your skin. The tattoo is actually inspired from a famous painting called “The Praying Hands” by Albrecht Durer. One of the most impressive tattoos she has is definitely the tiger one on her back, that basically occupies most part of it.
The main reason why cross tattoo designs are so popular is that they signify different meanings that appeal personally to people coming from diverse backgrounds and having different personalities.
Apart from serving as a symbol of our faith, it can also act as a memoriam for a departed soul. Although the Cross is the most widely used symbol for Christianity, it may also be sported by people for various personal reasons such as the memory of a loved one. Sometimes a cross tattoo can also be combined with rosary beads which gives it a very distinct look.
There are a number of praying hands tattoo designs that one can choose from which differ greatly in their style, size, coloration, and overall look.
The tattoo can also be accompanied by other designs such as a cross, rosary beads or flowers.

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