There have been many books (and movies) that have come out with the same theme as Harry Potter but they haven’t done so well. Secondly, parents love him because it seems Harry Potter makes the right decisions most times and throughout the book series, he grows mentally and matures in a way that is quite commendable. Some of them were amazing, some unusual, some relate-able, some inspirational, some magical, some unusual, and others, just downright naughty. This makes him a favorite among parents who are struggling with raising their kids the right way.

The quotes made us search deep into our souls for that spark that puts a smile on our faces and gives us a new ray of hope. Harry Potter put a spell on people and everyone, all over the world, just could not wait for next big Harry Potter release. We have compiled a few of the 20 most memorable Harry Potter quotes to make you go back to that special, magical place. Even though kids out there are not dealing with magic, witches and spells, they are dealing with the same family and educational issues that Harry Potter is portraying.

Just like all kids out there, harry Potter thinks about school, girls, friends and homework.

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