If you’re planning to have a tattoo on your ankle, then you might to consider some of the most common and popular Ankle Tattoo Designs for Men. Your choice of a tattoo design usually reflects your taste and lifestyle, so it is entirely your choice. Ankle Tattoo Design Ideas –┬áMany body areas make great part for tattoos, and ankle tattoo design art are among the most famous. While women generally have them on areas they intend to flaunt, some men prefer to be inked on more discreet parts like the ankles.

One of them is the rosary, which can appear solid or light, whichever suits your taste better.
You just have to brave up a little as an ankle tattoo is more painful and heals longer compared to the other parts of your body. Ankle tattoo, alongside wrist, hip and shoulder bone tattoo design, are particularly famous among ladies. Perhaps they’re much too shy to show their tattoo or it allows them flexibility to shift from formal to a much daring guy.

You may also want to take on a dragon or tribal design which uses only a black ink, so it blends easily with what you’re wearing and it fits any type of skin tone.

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