Eagle Aztec Tattoos – Eagle Aztec tattoos could illustrate a person wearing the traditional warrior costume.
Skull Aztec Tattoos – Skull Aztec tattoos represent the sixth day, is a deity known as Death and signifies the north. Serpent Aztec Tattoos – Serpent Aztec Tattoos would represent the serpent or snake god and is the fifth day of the calendar.  These Aztec tattoos would represent the eastern direction. Moon Aztec Tattoos – Moon Aztec Tattoos are a difficult subject as well and similar to the sun minus the importance of the sun marking the 52 year periods of Worlds.

These are the topics that have been translated for sure; the Aztec numbering system, and the Aztec calendar system.
Beyond this you will need to read on and study additional information about Aztec deities you might want to include in Aztec Tattoos. The headdress is generally described as feathered with the large beak coming over the top of the head with the point of the beak ending in front of the fore head.  The eagle is a high ranking warrior, represents the west and is a God. Aztec tattoos with the skull god included are popular these days for men.  Skulls in general are popular and including your heritage is an additional plus with these Aztec tattoos.

In other words put it where it’s visible.  If you choose Aztec tattoos of the calendar it will require some careful consideration. In addition, the Aztec people had a very complex military system with warrior ranking that is and maybe never will be completely clear to us.  We know that the Jaguar and Eagle were considered high ranking among the warriors.

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