Spanish artist Ramon Maiden uses a ball-point pen to vandalize postcards, pin-up posters and sacred religious images with tattoos.
Maidena€™s drawings carry the influences of Classical European and Mexican art, as well as Polynesian and American old-school tattoos. Although people usually consider gangs as being one thing associated with hip hop and trendy contemporaries.
The body art is prevailing in several crime gangs of various countries and gangsters who wear tattoos on their body elements as a mark of identity and loyalty to their team.

The tattoos have, in fact, got a negative connotation because of these are related to the gang culture.
Mexican gangs have existed within the United States in some kind or another for over a century. There is lots of fascinating literature which will be found on this subject and plenty of researchers have done in depth work on these tattoos to seek out the mean. On the geographical region, however, Mexican gangs have solely started developing additional recently.

Over the past decade, major cities on the geographical region have seen a gentle rise within the numbers of gangs composed of Mexican nationals, similarly as U.S.

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