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What does Dave Navarro bring to the table?He's a rock star, a celebrity who has gotten tattooed all over the world. Find out about arts and culture events in Miami and offers you won't hear about anywhere else.
There's a challenge where they have to go and tattoo dead pigs hanging upside down in a meat locker.
Experience award winning caterers and event planners uniquely designed by experienced professionals. Did you ever have to do anything like that when you got in the business?I did a real apprenticeship, and we didn't come up like that.

Catering in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County, The San Fernando Valley and more, Silver Service Events is your one stop source for planning your next catered event. It all kind of blew up after Miami Ink and now there's kids doin' tattoos like they been tattooing twenty years.Do you expect any backlash from the tattoo community?Tattoos are not just for gangsters, criminals, and bad guys anymore.
We did the whole Merry Xmas Miami on the back of the South Florida Arts Center back in, like, 1987, and it ran for like eight or 10 years. It's opened up to families, meanings, and people opening up to me in the shop and making me listen to their life story. What was the first tattoo you ever did?I tattooed Mikey from Lulu's who was a chef on South Beach back in 1991.
When you were 18 you took off to Brazil and then Europe learning from different tattooers right?Yeah, I went to Brazil, stayed there five years, then traveled through Europe.

There's always going to be haters, but the people are going to love it.So you just gonna take the check?Always take the check brother. I got to take my time with it, and it came out better than tattoos number 7 -100 where I would have to do like a perfectly drawn star behind some girl's ear.What do you have coming up in Miami?I'm tattooing by appointment out of Luis Sagato's shop, Origins Tattoo, in the News Lounge complex on 55th and Biscayne, by Andiamo pizza. At the end of the day the only one who's gonna pay your tab is you.How does this show appeal to you as a tattooer?

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