Dan Golebiewski works on a tattoo Thursday, June 26, 2014, from his mobile tattoo shop near Williston, N.D. As business at his tattoo shop in northern Idaho slowed down in recent years along with the economy, Golebiewski kept hearing about North Dakota from friends who moved there to work in the oilfield. Golebiewski’s plan is to travel where the oil workers are and cater to their busy work schedules. Developing a mobile tattoo shop for the Bakken required meeting guidelines of health departments in both North Dakota and Montana.
After getting certified by health departments in both states, Golebiewski’s next challenge was finding places to operate.
Golebiewski found a land owner outside Williston in Williams County who has a lot that is zoned commercial and has given him permission to operate there. Occasionally, Golebiewski will run into someone who wants him to do a tattoo at a location where he doesn’t have permission.
Business is so far slower than Golebiewski expected it to be, and he’s had several clients fail to show up for appointments after he spent time doing drawings.
Most of his clients are oilfield workers, but Golebiewski said he’s been surprised at the number of female customers. Golebiewski said he is fascinated by the stories of his diverse clientele and hearing about the various oil industry jobs. He also posts photos and videos on Dan’s Tattoo Shop page on Facebook, and he can be reached at (208) 771-1717.

Golebiewski still owns his tattoo shop in Hayden, Idaho, that a manager is running for him.
When Ela got her first tattoo fourteen years ago, in a small studio in her hometown in Poland, she never dreamt of one day becoming a tattoo artist. During this time period, while she was studying food technology and then IT, she sold her soul to photography, thinking; “That is what I wanna do whole my life”. Welcome to Flesh TattooFlesh Tattoo Studio Manchester is at the cutting edge of tattoo designs, with some of the North West’s leading tattoo artists and body piercing specialists. Operating out of the most state of the art tattoo studio in Manchester, just a stones throw away from the financial district. If you would like to book an appointment or discuss a custom tattoo design, call us on 0161 222 8433 or drop into our studio and we will be more than happy to help. The husband and father of two then spent his days off for the next two years turning a used RV into a professional mobile Dan’s Tattoo Shop. The RV’s clean, white interior features a separate tattoo area, hand-washing station and customized lighting. He hired an attorney two years ago to investigate Williston’s rules, but since then the city has implemented a moratorium on mobile businesses. He plans to work in North Dakota during warm weather months and visit his family in Idaho when he can. Amy’s work includes the Forum News Service award-winning series “Trafficked,” examining causes and effects of prostitution the Oil Patch and Upper Midwest.

But she was so wrong!Six years ago one of her tattooist friends asked her to take some pictures of tattoos and piercings in the studio. Traveling with a group of tattooists as a photographer and assistant to her tattooist friend, she was involved in many tattoo conventions, eventually realising that she would love to create her own tattoos. We have managed to create some of the finest tattoos Manchester has seen and will make you feel welcome as you embark on your tattoo journey. Golebiewski uses disposable tattoo tubes to eliminate the need to have an autoclave to sterilize the equipment. He lives out of the cab of the RV, which is completely separate from the tattoo shop, sleeping on a fold-down bunk.
Amy is a Worthington, Minn., native and has worked as a reporter for Forum Communications since 2003.
From that time she couldn’t imagine living her life outside of the colourful, crazy, original, inked world.

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