If you happen to know any Audi engineers or designer, cut him or her some slack these days. Thus, next month’s LA Auto Show will bring an Audi concept car that shall preview a new styling direction for Audi. Anybody who’s seen the new Volkswagen Passat can confirm that, especially on the well-equipped models, the cabin quality has almost reached Audi levels. Audi may have given us a taste of its new MLB Evo architecture with the Sport quattro concept, but the modular architecture will eventually underpin most of the carmaker’s models from the A4 upwards. The chassis will be more rigid, while the engine will be placed further towards the passenger compartment, which means the handling will be seriously improved. Entry-level models will stick to front-wheel drive, but Audi is expected to revolutionize its quattro AWD. They’re keeping things on the super-busy side in Ingolstadt, as both the Q7 and the A4 are racing towards the new-generation development completion.

This might look a little on the odd side, since it resembles the current model perhaps a tad too much.
Nonetheless, the German carmaker has admitted they need to change the fact that all their cars basically look the same.
Well, you can imagine that the next A4 will be nothing short of a blast on the inside, introducing stuff such as an 8-inch MMI display we talked about in the previous spyshots. Mixing ultra high strength steel with aluminum and composite materials, the new architecture will bring a weight cut of around 200 lbs (90 km). The central differential will be dropped, leaving the internal combustion engine to power the front wheels, while the rear axle will be motivated by an electric motor developing up to 100 hp.
The rumor mill also sees the RS4 badge returning to the sedan, as the current generation only comes in Avant (station wagon) trim.
Compare this transformation to what the Lexus IS transformed from, this re-design does not stand a chance.

Both are aging and while we’ve already talked about the Q7, it is now time to zoom in on the A4. That’s because this is an image of the current A4, wearing new front and rear fascias, as well as redesigned wheels. Speaking of hot models, the line-up may be enriched with a spicy diesel model, which will probably be offered under the S, not the RS, badge.

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