Flow recently showed off his new tattoo that got this week on the inside of his bottom lip. In the video above, you can watch some footage of G5 Babe in the car with Flow and Slim Boogie listening to their unreleased Juvenile collaboration and showing off their face tattoos outside of VooDoo Tattoo in Louisiana. Here are some photos of Flow‘s new face and neck tattoos, which he got done at VooDoo Tattoo in Louisiana by artist Davey D. Flow recently stopped by a tattoo shop in Louisiana called VooDoo Tattoo to get some new ink on his face.

Tyga recently chopped it up with VIBE to talk about if he keeps his gadgets close to him when he leaves his home or not, if he considers himself to be a strict father or not, fashion, what his next tattoos will be, how much he thinks you should be spending in a strip club, and more. Gravatars are little icons that appear next to your name and message in the comments section above. The Esho Hero added tatts on his face for his son Tyler, and his daughters Ny’Jae and Melody.
In this week’s episode, Kevin can be seen listening to a new song in the studio, giving a speech at a school, getting tattooed, and more.

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